Decisions in Bexley

There is a defined process for decision-making in the Council, partly required by law and partly agreed locally by the Council.

Some decisions can be taken by a meeting of the Full Council (all 45 councillors), Public Cabinet, and certain Council Committees.

Some Council staff (officers) have been given decision making powers to enable the Council to conduct its day to day business Scheme of Specific Delegations to Officers.

What types of decision are there?

There are four types of decision:

  • key
  • non-key
  • regulatory
  • delegated to an officer

A decision is key if it is likely to result in significant expenditure/savings or has a significant community impact.

A non-key decision does not trigger the significance test referred to above.

A regulatory decision is one that is taken by a regulatory committee (example, Planning, Licensing or Pensions) or that is recommended to Full Council by a Committee.

Decisions delegated to an officer is one that Council has agreed can be taken by someone who works for the Council and has the appropriate powers to do so.

How can I find out what decisions are expected?

The Forward Plan document is published at the end of each month and lists important (Key) decisions which are expected to be taken within the next four months.

These are usually the only proposed decisions that are made available beforehand: this is because they are Key and they have to be made available for consultation before the proposed decision can be taken.

How can I find out what decisions have been taken?

All key and non-key decisions that have been taken and decisions delegated to and taken by officers are published regularly.

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