Bexley Twofold

Bexley Twofold is the job search, training and supported employment service for Bexley residents with learning disabilities. Our aim is to help service users find and sustain paid employment.

We help people over the age of 18 and create an individual journey for each service user, tailoring support to suit their needs.

What we will do to help you find work:

  • we will teach you how to job search
  • we will give you advice from our supported job club
  • we can help you find suitable work placements to gain some work experience
  • we can help you find training courses or volunteering to increase your skills
  • if you have an interview, we can come with you to help you
  • if you need to learn how to travel to a new job, we can help you with travel training

How we can help you once you have found a job:

  • we can come with you if you have a work induction
  • we can support you in the workplace to help you learn your job until you feel happy that you can work on your own
  • if your work changes, we can help you learn new things
  • if you lose your job, we can help you to find another job

Types of jobs we have supported people to do:

  • office work
  • general maintenance
  • grounds maintenance
  • cleaning
  • catering
  • car washing
  • passenger assistants

For more information, please telephone 020 8303 7777 and ask for Bexley Twofold or emailĀ