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Bexley Twofold is the job search, training, and supported employment service for residents in Bexley, with learning disabilities who have a need for support to access training and employment opportunities. Our aim is to help people find and sustain paid employment.

We help people over the age of 18 and create an individual journey and will amend support to suit the needs of the individual. 

What we will do to help you find work:

  • we will teach you how to job search
  • we will give you advice in our supported Learning for Work Job Club 
  • we can help you find suitable work placements to gain some work experience
  • we can help you find training courses or volunteering to increase your skills
  • if you have an interview, we can come with you to help you
  • if you need to learn how to travel to a new job, we can help you with travel training

How we can help you once you have found a job:

  • we can come with you if you have a work induction
  • we can support you in the workplace to help you learn your job until you feel happy that you can work on your own
  • if your work changes, we can help you learn new things
  • if you lose your job, we can help you to find another job

Types of jobs we have supported people to do:

  • office work
  • general maintenance
  • grounds maintenance
  • cleaning
  • catering
  • car washing
  • passenger assistants

For more information, please telephone 020 8303 7777 and ask for Bexley Twofold or email

A good news story

Meet our valued Northumberland Heath Primary team member George, who is working at the school as part of Bexley Twofold which provides career help for residents in Bexley with learning disabilities with the aim to help people find and sustain paid employment.

George works at Northumberland Heath Primary as part of Bexley Twofold
George and Mr Debenham working at Northumberland Heath Primary

George attends Northumberland Heath Primary twice a week to assist the school’s Premises Manager Mr Debenham. His responsibilities encompass a range of jobs, which includes overseeing the placement of fresh fruit and milk within the classrooms, as well as aiding in the diligent upkeep of the school's recycling efforts and helping keep the school’s environment clean by helping with litter picking.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at the school, George said:

I have never done a job like this before. It is nice to feel welcome and when I come here I always feel that the people here make me feel proud of what I have done. I enjoy working with Michael - he is a laugh and he understands me. It is a fun place and they are all just very welcoming.”

George also added that this opportunity has given him independence:

Because it is not that far from here, I can cycle as well as it is quite an easy place to cycle to and I don’t have to rely on my mum and dad to take me. I also enjoy the money and can spend it on what I want which is nice. In the future I would like to get a job at a primary school or college to spend more time working. That’s my dream.”

George’s mum also shared with us what this opportunity has meant for George:

George has changed over the last year with his confidence and inclusion with conversations as he is now working. He looks forward to each day and loves working in a good team and being helpful.”

Lisa Haddon who is the Supported Employment Team Leader for Employment & Skills at London Borough of Bexley shared:

Supported employment is a win win situation for all. Most people with a learning disability want to be like other people and get up and go to work and feel worthwhile. This enhances their general health and wellbeing along with their mental health. This in turn is a prevention strategy to keep people with learning disabilities healthier and happier. For employers, having the support of someone like Bexley Twofold gives that extra help, support and confidence to make sure the pathway for an employee with LD is smooth and is continuous for the lifetime of the job role and that we will always be around for information advice and guidance for both parties.”

Julie Carson, our Director of Education, says of the partnership:

As part of our commitment to being a Disability Confident Committed employer, partnering with Bexley Twofold to support individuals with learning disabilities in finding employment is essential for fostering diversity, innovation, and social responsibility in the workplace. It not only taps into unique talents, but also strengthens community ties and makes a significant positive impact on the wellbeing of the individual."

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