1. Assessment information and methodology

Assessment information

  • Assessment type - Accreditation Review
  • Assessor’s Decision - Standard Met
  • Assessor’s Name - Alistair Hudson
  • Evidence Gathering/Assessment Date/s - 17/07/2023 to 19/07/2023 (2.5 days)
  • Client ID and Assessment Reference - C35468 / PN201988
  • Accreditation Review to be conducted by - 17/07/2026


  • Evidence gathering - days at the BBE centre in Erith, with a further half day of remote interviews. Interviews were conducted in person and by Microsoft Teams and telephone
  • Staff interviews - 26, individually and in small groups, including the Head of Economic Development and Skills and the 2 Service Managers
  • Recipient interviews - 15 (in small groups in the centre and by telephone)
  • Partner interviews - 3
  • Document review - BBE website, policies, job descriptions, marketing materials, IAG materials, programme key performance indicator data, client action plans and work stars

Standard Report V5

Version Dated: 31 May 2023

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