Bexley supports World Autism Acceptance Week

Rainbow infinity logo on black background

World Autism Acceptance Week takes place from Tuesday 2 April (World Autism Awareness Day) to Monday 8 April 2024.

The week aims to teach people about Autism and how it affects people, with the hope that more people will be accepting of Autism and better educated on the topic.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a unique neurodevelopmental variation characterised by distinct brain differences. Individuals with ASD possess remarkable strengths that contribute to society.

They often exhibit exceptional focus, creativity and attention to detail, bringing fresh perspectives to problem-solving and innovation. While they may experience challenges in social communication and interaction, they excel in areas of specialised interest and demonstrate profound dedication and expertise. 

Their diverse ways of learning, moving and paying attention enrich our communities, fostering inclusivity and celebrating neurodiversity.

Bexley’s Autism Strategy is overseen by the Bexley Autism Partnership Board. The Board is made up of Autistic people, family, friends, carers, representatives from Health and Social Care and Community Services. The Board works to improve the lives of Autistic adults and their families living in Bexley.

Much of its work concerns the lives of adults, but it also works to enable people to live their best life and plan for the future.

During World Autism Acceptance Week, we are asking Autistic people to help design a colourful logo that describes what Autism means to them. 

The winning logo will be used to promote the Bexley Autism Partnership Board. 

To take part please email your logo to the team at Mencap by Friday 26 April 2024. The winning design will be picked by members of the Bexley Autism Partnership Board and the creator will be given a £40 voucher to spend in local shops and restaurants.

Email your design to Bexley Mencap.

If you would like to find out more about the Autism Partnership Board or would like to join, please get in touch by emailing Hayley Bauer

If you’re autistic and looking for support in Bexley, visit our care hub for information about services.

To find out more about Autism you can visit the National Autistic Society.