Changes to Local Land Charges register searches

Bexley news update

Local Land Charges Register searches, known as ‘LLC1s’ will be carried out by HM Land Registry (HMLR) instead of the London Borough of Bexley from Wednesday 17 April.

The Council will continue to carry out optional searches known as ‘Con 29’ searches. The Council also retains the responsibility of maintaining and updating the Land Charges database.

The changes come after HMLR had been tasked with creating a national Local Land Charges Register following Government legislation. The new national register will replace all the registers currently held separately by the 331 local authorities across England and Wales.

The national Local Land Charges Register went live in July 2018 and local authorities have been transferring to the new register in phases.

The London Borough of Bexley will be around the 94th local authority to migrate its Local Land Charges Register to HMLR.

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