Street Works in Thames Road, Northend Road, South Road, Queens Road, Bronze Age Way, and Picardy Manorway

Road work signage

The works taking place in Thames Road form part of a year-long project for the contractor JSM to install a high-power electricity supply to the Cory plant on Norman Road.  

The Council has to allow these works to be carried out, and given the duration of the works, cannot restrict them to off-peak working or to only quieter periods of the year. 

Where possible the route will remain open to traffic, but traffic will need to be reduced to a single lane for the excavations to be carried out, and no diversions need to be signposted. However, parts of the route will need to be closed on occasions with formal diversion routes signposted.  

Despite diversions being provided, many drivers will use local knowledge or SatNav direction information which may take them on other routes. This is not something the council is able to prevent and with the works area and traffic controls changing frequently, we are not able to provide significant protection for adjacent roads as this would cause greater confusion and potentially collisions.

The JSM works are progressing well and they are working with the Council to reduce disruption as much as possible whilst maintaining safety and not causing confusion.  The works will progress along the route and out of the borough near Thames Road Depot, but they will need to jump back to other parts of the route to pick up gaps and complete connections.  

Any queries or complaints should be directed to the contractor JSM on 0800 035 0708.