Youth offending

Bexley Youth Offending Team (YOT) works with other agencies including the police, probation service and schools to help keep young people aged between 10 and 17 years out of trouble.

If a young person does offend, we work with them, their families and anyone else affected by the crime to try and prevent them from offending again.

The YOT has:

  • social workers
  • police officers
  • a probation officer
  • an education worker
  • health workers
  • a referral order co-ordinator
  • youth workers
  • administrative staff

Young people and the law

Information on GOV.UK - Young people and the law for young people and parents on the youth justice system.

Information about parents and carers

We offer support and advice to parents and carers about their child’s offending, risk of offending or antisocial behaviour.

If your child (10 to 17) has been arrested or has been charged with an offence, please contact us. We'll talk to you about how we, or other preventative services, can help.