Pollution from commercial premises

If you are experiencing a serious disturbance from dust, steam or odours from commercial premises and have been unable to resolve the matter, you can make a complaint by completing the air pollution form.

Make a complaint

Complete a diary sheet to record details of the problem:

  • note down the start and stop times
  • note down the address where the pollution comes from
  • you may need to swear in court that they are an accurate record
  • include a record of when you are away for at least one day
  • keep the diary for at least one week but two or three weeks would be better
  • don't forget your name and address at the top of the sheet
  • we will normally share any information you provide with other departments within the Council and the Police unless you tell us that you do not wish us to do so 

Make sure that you:

  • describe the type of pollution that you are being subjected to (e.g. type of smell, colour, thickness of smoke)
  • describe how bad the nuisance levels are (e.g. strong or overpowering odour, smoke made breathing difficult). It is important that you do not exaggerate
  • include the effects that the nuisance has on your life (e.g. odour causing headaches, unable to use garden or open windows)

Download a diary sheet (PDF)

Procedure for investigating complaints

  • a complaint is received
  • a complaint package is sent to you to including a diary sheet to record details of the disturbance
  • diary sheets should be returned for assessment of any statutory nuisance
  • a letter is sent to the alleged offender
  • if further problems are experienced these should be recorded on diary sheets and returned
  • an officer will investigate and if the nuisance is witnessed, or the officer is otherwise satisfied of its existence or likely recurrence, a legal notice will be served on the offender
  • if the nuisance continues and an officer witnesses a contravention of the legal notice, a prosecution against the offender will be prepared