Contacting us

For any queries contact the Council Tax department:

If you have received a reminder, final notice or a summons and wish to speak to someone to discuss your account please select option 1 for Council Tax.

  • you will be asked why you are calling - state which notice you have received, for example, a reminder
  • when asked if you wish to make a payment - answer 'No'
  • you will then be asked if you wish to set up a payment arrangement - answer 'No'
  • finally, you will be asked security questions to validate your identity, please ensure you have your council tax reference number which begins with '8'. After answering these questions, you will be put through to an operative and you will be able to discuss your account

Encrypted emails

For security reasons, we send all of our emails replies from a secure email address when you receive a reply from us that message will be encrypted.

How to open encrypted emails