Let us know your new address

If you are moving into or out of a property in the London Borough of Bexley area, you need to notify the council as soon as possible of your change of address details.

Moving within Bexley

If your circumstances have not changed, we normally transfer your details to your new address, including your Direct Debit and any credit you may have accrued at your previous address.

Any credit is used to offset your new charge, if there is still a credit after this, you will receive a refund.

Moving outside Bexley

Inform us of your forwarding address as soon as possible, so that a closing bill can be sent to you. You will need to notify your new council you have moved into their area.

Report a change of address


If you are due a refund and pay by Direct Debit,  you will receive an automatic refund.

If you pay by cash or card, complete a refund request form.

Apply for a refund if you have overpaid your Council Tax account

Private Landlords

Private Landlords will be liable for Council Tax for the period their property is unrented.

Inform the council immediately of any changes of tenants at the property. If you have multiple tenants, your property could be classed as a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), if this is the case, you will be liable to pay Council Tax and not the tenants.

Empty Property charges

You will have to pay full Council Tax if you:

  • leave your furnished or unfurnished property empty
  • leave your property empty while it is being altered
  • have a second home

If you leave your property empty and unfurnished for two years or more, the council will charge an extra 50% to your Council Tax bill. This will increase to 100%  from April 2019, this will mean you will pay 200% Council Tax on the property. This is called the empty homes premium.

Liability disputes

Sometimes there are overlaps from moving from one property to another, if you have moved out of your property and still hold the tenancy or are still the owner and the property is empty, you will be liable to pay Council Tax until the tenancy ends or the property sale is completed.

If you have received a final Council Tax bill and do not agree with the dates, email bexley.ctax@secure.capita.co.uk

PDF Booklet


The Council Tax Budget information can be viewed in our PDF booklet - Council Tax 2020 to 2021 and the explanatory notes at Council Tax demand notice explanatory notes.