Council Tax, Freeman on the Land and similar groups

Occasionally we get people, such as Freeman on the Land and similar groups who wrongly believe that using an archaic law means they don’t have to pay council tax and there are many misleading articles and templates on the internet regarding the legality of council tax.

The Freeman on the Land movement and similar groups, commonly believe that they are bound only by statute laws they consent to. They should not confuse law relating to contracts and alleged rights under common law with the legislation relating to the administration and collection of council tax.

Being a ‘freeman’ does not exempt any person from paying Council Tax. Council Tax is not optional and not something you consent to. If you are liable to pay Council Tax, you must make your payments.

We do our best to answer all relevant enquires about council tax. We reserve the right to refuse to respond to lengthy spurious enquires that focus on hypothetical arguments that have no legal basis which use our resources at the expense of the taxpayer. This includes letters and notices served on the council’s chief executive with the same misleading reasoning.