Ways to pay

You must pay your Council Tax by the first of each month.

If you are on a low income and having problems paying your Council Tax, you can apply for the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Direct Debit

If you would like to pay in 1 payment or 12 monthly payments, please complete a Direct Debit application or email the Council Tax team at bexley.ctax@secure.capita.co.uk with your request.

Pay by Direct Debit

Pay by Direct Debit

Most people pay their Council Tax online using Direct Debit

It is secure and the easiest way to pay, once set up you don’t need to worry about making payments. You can also amend the bank details or payment date on an existing Direct Debit.

Set up or change a Direct Debit

Pay by debit card

Paying by debit card

You can pay online with a valid debit card.

Pay by debit card

Other ways to pay

Internet banking

You will need the council’s bank details:

  1. Sort code 51-70-14
  2. Account number 21101183
  3. your Council Tax reference number, this can be found on your bill

By telephone

Call 020 3045 5200.

Visiting libraries

You can pay your Council Tax in person with a valid debit card at the following Bexley Libraries.

attach documents

Sending us documents

If you need to send the council tax office documents or have written us a letter and cannot post it, you may upload the documents.

Send documents

PDF Booklet


The Council Tax Budget information can be viewed in our PDF booklet - Council Tax 2020 to 2021 and the explanatory notes at Council Tax demand notice explanatory notes.