Social housing

The Council is legally required to have a Housing Allocations Policy to determine housing priorities and a procedure to be followed when allocating accommodation. It is now necessary for the Council to implement a new Allocations Policy to reflect government changes.

To fully implement the changes online, the Council will be undertaking a review of its housing register. The policy changes could affect some registrant’s eligibility, priority bandings and/or bedroom number entitlement. For this reason, all applicants who are registered on the Council’s housing register will now be required to complete a new application form to ensure that they remain eligible to remain on the housing register and that they are placed in the correct banding. To enable this urgent audit and refresh, Bexley Council will not be accepting applications via Bexley Home Choice or progressing existing applications from the 8 July 2022.

We aim to keep any disruption period to a minimum; however, we expect the system update to be complete within the region of 6 weeks. Followed by a period of approximately 12 weeks to complete renewals for all active cases on the register. 

Those currently with an active application will be able to continue to bid until informed otherwise. We will be writing to all of those affected by the changes who have not yet had an application assessed to explain any impact of these changes. Thank you for your patience during this period of transformation of Bexley Home Choice.

Please check Bexley HomeChoice for updates.

Allocations scheme

Housing need is assessed in accordance with the London Borough of Bexley's Allocations Scheme. Further information about the scheme is available at Bexley HomeChoice

Those who have left the armed forces in the past five years and other categories relating to service in the armed forces may have a priority need for social housing. The decision to recognise this in our Allocations Scheme was taken after signing the Armed Forces Community Covenant (PDF).

Asylum seekers

Support for most asylum seekers is now provided by the National Asylum Support Service which is part of the Home Office.

For more information visit Home Office - Asylum support or Refugee Council