Social housing

If you are not currently on the housing register but would like to apply to Bexley for a home, please visit Bexley HomeChoice to make an application.


Once your housing need has been assessed we will let you know if you are eligible to be on our housing register and if this is the case you can bid for suitable homes through Bexley HomeChoice, Bexley's Choice Based Lettings service.

Applicants on the housing register can place bids on properties they are interested in. Details of all properties are also printed and displayed in libraries across the borough as well as at the Civic Offices. Libraries also have computers available for use if you don't have one at home.

Allocations scheme

Housing need is assessed in accordance with the London Borough of Bexley's Allocations Scheme. Further information about the scheme is available at Bexley HomeChoice

Those who have left the armed forces in the past five years and other categories relating to service in the armed forces may have a priority need for social housing. The decision to recognise this in our Allocations Scheme was taken after signing the Armed Forces Community Covenant (PDF).

Asylum seekers

Support for most asylum seekers is now provided by the National Asylum Support Service which is part of the Home Office.

For more information visit Home Office - Asylum support or Refugee Council