Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is served by an authorised enforcement officer to a person who has committed a criminal offence. They may be issued on the spot or through the post.

They can be issued for:

  • fly-tipping
  • household bins on the highway
  • depositing litter
  • dog fouling
  • failure to produce Waste Carriers License
  • failure to produce Waste Transfer Notes
  • commercial waste bin offences
  • failure to produce a street trading license
  • unlicensed street trading
  • breach of Public Space Protection Order - alcohol
  • breach of Public Space Protection Order - nitrous oxide
  • contravention of street trading license
  • failure to comply with Street/Litter Control Notice
  • fly posting of graffiti
  • abandoning a vehicle

If your FPN reference has 9 digits

Pay online now

You can also pay:

  • by cash at any Pay Point outlet, you will need to present the Fixed Penalty Notice containing your unique barcode and will need to pay in full
  • by telephone 0333 313 4304, credit/debit card payments only - Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Delta are accepted

Payments cannot be made at any Council premises

If your FPN reference has 5 digits

Pay your FPN online

You can also pay:

  • by telephone on 020 8303 7777 between 9am and 4.30pm on any day the office is open for business

To pay your fixed penalty online you will need the notice number and offence code, which can be found on your FPN. You will also need your debit or credit card details.

Do not use these forms to pay parking Penalty Charge Notices.

How to make a representation

There is no formal right to appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice, but you can make representations to us in writing during the 14-day period allowed to pay the notice.

Do not pay the penalty until you receive a decision from us. If you do pay the fine while we consider your representation, paying it will be considered an admission of liability.

Send your representation to the following, setting out your reasons or write to the address that appears on the Fixed Penalty Notice:

FPN reference with 9 digits


FPN reference with 5 digits


Please note that representations for parking PCNs will not be responded to and will not be forwarded. Please visit Challenging or understanding your PCN.

Lost tickets

If you have lost your Fixed Penalty Notice and still need to pay, and it is within the 14 days allowed, contact for assistance.