Report incorrect parking

Vehicles parked on footways, verges, yellow lines, school restrictions, in front of existing dropped kerbs, can cause obstruction, congestion, inconvenience and even danger to pedestrians and other road users.

Report a vehicle parked incorrectly

  • if you cannot complete an online form, call the contact centre on 020 3045 3000, and select option 5, followed by option 4
  • we are unable to enforce parking contraventions on red routes; this is the responsibility of Transport for London

Dropped kerbs

The following are types of dropped kerb:

  • a shared dropped kerb is usually wide enough only for single vehicle access and is used by two or more residents or business users to enter/exit an off-street parking facility such as a driveway or a set of garages, etc
  • a pedestrian dropped kerb is a section of kerb that has been lowered to make crossing the road easier for pedestrians, wheelchair users for example
  • a residential dropped kerb is used by a resident to access their driveway

What action can be taken?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can be issued to any vehicle parked in front of a shared or pedestrian dropped kerb. A report of incorrect parking does not need to have been received by the Council to enforce this type of dropped kerb, although action will be taken on receipt of a report.

A PCN can also be issued to any vehicle parked in front of a residential dropped kerb on receipt of a report from the resident with specific details of the parked vehicle. Arrangements will then be made for a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) on duty nearby to visit. The image below shows the area that must be kept clear. A PCN will only be issued to the vehicle identified in the report if it is found to be parked in the area that must be kept clear, even if only part of it is overhanging. To arrange a CEO visit, please report a vehicle parked incorrectly.

The image indicates an area that must be kept clear.

detail indicating enforcement area

Registering an existing residential dropped kerb

Residents who are regularly inconvenienced by vehicles obstructing a dropped kerb/driveway outside their property can register their address giving authorisation for routine parking enforcement. This will enable our officers to visit the address regularly and issue penalties to any vehicles parked in the area that should be kept clear.

It should be noted that once a residential dropped kerb has been registered, any vehicle parked across it may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice, even if the vehicle is owned by the resident and/or their visitors.

To register an existing dropped kerb, please complete the registration of dropped kerb form.

Register an existing dropped kerb