Commemorative benches in parks

There is availability in some parks for commemorative benches, which you can use to commemorate a loved one. 

  • the benches are made from black metal
  • have a stainless steel memorial plaque in the middle of the back of the bench
  • the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee to replace the bench free of charge, irrespective of age, if there is a fault within the steelwork
  • the Council will provide a one-year guarantee for the replacement or repair of a stolen or damaged donated bench
  • after this period, the donor will be responsible for the replacement, if they so wish
  • the benches cost up to £2400, which includes the bench, plaque and installation

Benches at Lesnes Abbey

There is the option to purchase a carved wooden bench at Lesnes Abbey.

  • the bench is made solely from wood and carved in a design of your choice
  • these benches cost £3,200


To apply for a bench in a park or Lesnes Abbey, please telephone 020 8303 7777 and ask for Parks, or email parks&