Sponsor a tree

The London Borough of Bexley now provides the opportunity for individuals, families, community groups and businesses to sponsor the planting of new tree parks and some highway locations within the borough.

Planting a tree can leave a long-term legacy, and trees not only look beautiful and support wildlife but help clean the air, reduce extreme temperatures and reduce stormwater runoff.

If you have either a location in mind or a particular tree species you would like planted we can work with you to see how we can best meet your aspirations.

Get started

If you would like to sponsor a tree, complete the online form and a tree technician will see if the area is suitable.  

Sponsor a tree

Three levels of a sponsorship

What's included Acorn Sapling Mature
Robust four-post cage and tree pit installation worth £400
Standard tree worth £60 to £90  
Exotic tree worth £120 to £200    
Two-year maintenance worth £133  
Four-year maintenance worth £400    
Sponsorship fee £250 £325 £400

Terms and conditions

The council sources all of its trees from a national tree nursery, which adheres to best practices by quarantining the trees for a minimum of 1 year to minimise the spread and introduction of pests and diseases within the UK.

All prices are for trees planted into soft landscaping. If a tree needs to be planted into a hard standing location or you have some other specific request, a quotation will be provided.

Council Officers will work to provide you with the type of tree in the location of your choice and final location and species selection will be agreed with each sponsor before payment is taken.

Prior to making the payment, you will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm that you (the sponsor) understand the conditions that the Council accepts your sponsorship on; these include but may not be exclusive to:

  1. the Council will have the final say on species and location, taking into account factors such as soil type, proximity to other trees/structures and species robustness
  2. the tree will be the property of the Council
  3. failure guarantee includes: poor planting; lack of maintenance; damage caused by Council contractors; poor nursery stock and failure due to pest or pathogen
  4. after the agreed ‘maintenance period’, replacement free of charge of a failed tree will be at the discretion of the Council
  5. the Council will keep a log of all sponsored trees and will seek (as it does with all Council maintain trees) after the agreed ‘maintenance period’ to retain them, at a cost to the Council, in good health for as long as possible
  6. if a sponsored tree has to be removed, the Council will seek to notify the sponsor and discuss a way forward. Trees will be removed if they are:
    1. dead,
    2. in terminal decline,
    3. posing a risk to the public
    4. deemed to be causing damage to private/public property, or
    5. need to be removed due to a significant infrastructure project. Removals of healthy trees will be resisted, but sometimes are unavoidable due to strategic nature of other projects, many of which are not under direct control of the parks department. In such a situation, the Council would seek to notify the sponsor of their tree’s removal and propose a replacement young standard tree (at no charge), in a location agreed by both parties
  7. we do not currently allow names or memorial plaques to be attached to or placed near the tree
  8. we do not allow the burying of ashes underneath or next to the tree.
  9. it is the sponsor’s responsibility to inform the Council of any change of address, email or phone number