Interests and allowances

Register of Members' Interests

All Members of the Council are required by law to register their financial and other interests.

These include:

  • details of any employment or business carried out by them
  • the name of their employer
  • details of any directorships
  • contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council
  • interests in land in the area

The Register is maintained by us and is available for inspection on Your Councillors and selecting an individual Councillor. The Register of Members’ interest is available in the ‘More information about this councillor’ section.

Councillors must also declare any interest at any meeting where it is relevant to an item on the agenda and may have to leave the Committee or limit their participation in any consideration of that item. The rules are set out in the Members’ Code of Conduct.

What are Councillors paid in Bexley?

The allowances paid to Councillors in Bexley are agreed by the Council at the Annual Council meeting each year. The amount of those allowances is decided, taking into account the recommendations of the Independent Panel on the Remuneration of Councillors in London. However, Bexley has for many years paid its Councillors allowances well below the rates proposed by that Panel.

Every Councillor receives a basic allowance and Councillors that have special responsibilities receive an additional allowance for undertaking those duties.

Members' Allowances Scheme

The London Borough of Bexley has adopted a Members' Allowances Scheme in accordance with the Local Authorities Members' Allowances (England) Regulations 2003 for the period 25 May 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The scheme is now available for inspection Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm at the Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath DA6 7AT, or you can read the Scheme of Members' Allowances.

View total sums paid

Publication of Members' Allowances Scheme

The London Borough of Bexley has made a new Members’ Allowances Scheme in accordance with the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 for the period 25 May 2021 to 31 March 2022. In making the Scheme, the Council had regard to the recommendations of an Independent Panel on the Remuneration of Councillors in London.

The Scheme is available for inspection between 9am and 5pm at the Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7AT, together with a record of payments made to each Councillor and Co-optees. The amended Scheme provides for a basic allowance of £9,798 to every Member of the Council. In addition, Special Responsibility Allowances are payable as set out below.

Member title Annual amount
Leader of the Council £27,457
Deputy Leader £18,308
Leader of Main Opposition £13,730
Cabinet Members (x 6) £13,730
Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chairman (x4) £9,159
Overview and Scrutiny Committee Vice Chairman (x4) £3,121
Overview and Scrutiny Main Opposition Spokesman (x 4) £2,769
Planning Committee Chairman £9,159
Planning Committee Vice-Chairman £2,769
Planning Opposition Spokesman £1,111
Licensing Committee Chairman £3,051
Audit and General Purposes Committee Chairman £2,219
Pensions Committee Chairman £2,219
Cabinet/Scrutiny Liaison Member £4,431

In addition, a total Special Responsibility Allowance of £500 is given to the Chairman of an Overview and Scrutiny Project Sub Group, which is payable, following submission of the Sub Group’s final report. No Member should chair more than one such subgroup, appointed by the same Overview and Scrutiny Committee, during the Municipal Year. Each Overview and Scrutiny Committee should establish no more than three such Sub Groups in any one Municipal Year. The maximum annual expenditure for each Overview and Scrutiny Committee under this provision is, therefore, £1,500.

Co-optees and Independent Persons

There is an annualised allowance for Independent Persons of the Members’ Code of Conduct Committee and Co-optees based on a standard sum of £50 per meeting. In addition, those serving as independent persons receive an annual allowance of £700.

By decision of the Council, Members are not entitled to apply for inclusion in the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Councillors may claim travel and subsistence allowances for a range of out-of-Borough-approved duties clearly specified in the scheme. Independent Persons and Co-opted members may also claim for travel (but not subsistence).

Members own private vehicle

45p per mile. This rate may be increased by 3p per mile for the first passenger and 2p per mile for the second and subsequent passengers (maximum 4) to whom a travelling allowance would otherwise have been payable

This is the rate recommended by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


Subsistence Allowances are payable where any elected Member of the Council incurs additional expense on refreshments to enable them to perform an approved duty (including travelling time) outside of the Borough. If the duty makes it necessary for the Member to stay away from home overnight, the subsistence allowance also covers the costs of accommodation.

Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed on claim supported by valid receipts.

Dependent’s Carers’ or Childcare Allowances

An allowance is available to Councillors whilst undertaking special duties for care of dependent relatives and children at a rate of £5.38p per hour.