Our values

These values and behaviours, shared with our staff and contractors, will be crucial to achieving our vision.

Corporate Plan values

Open and Accessible

  • be honest and accountable
  • use straightforward language
  • be approachable
  • strive to understand needs
  • respond clearly


  • champion new ideas and ways of working
  • take time for creative thinking
  • embrace challenges
  • learn from mistakes
  • actively listen
  • share insights

Listening and Responding

  • create opportunities for feedback
  • be open
  • take time to understand, reflect
  • take action
  • do what you say you’ll do


  • recognise we’re all leaders
  • be confident
  • inspire others with your passion
  • nurture an open and inclusive environment
  • invite challenge
  • be there for others
  • facilitate innovation
  • be a role model for workplace wellbeing


  • work together for the greater good
  • value everyone’s contribution
  • share knowledge across teams
  • encourage clear, straightforward communication
  • contribute positively to the Bexley story


  • strive to make a genuine difference
  • be proud - celebrate our achievements
  • create a buzz
  • take pride in others’ success
  • share your learning
  • aim to make things better