Introduction to the plan

The Bexley Plan guides our staff, contractors, partners and activity at every level of the council: it makes sure that our agreed outcomes and commitments are prioritised, tracked and delivered.

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It outlines our priorities and describes the principles that guide our approach. It also sets out the key programmes of work which will contribute to making real changes in what we achieve for our residents.

Underpinning this are the values that shape our behaviour and the way we relate to and respect colleagues, partners and above all, our residents.

This report does not seek to specify every step we plan to take, rather it is the framework that guides us towards our vision of making Bexley even better.

The Bexley Plan guides our strategies and policies across our directorates. Our Medium Term Financial Strategy, which is our five-year financial plan, is a key document. This strategy enables us to carefully allocate our financial resources to achieve our priority outcomes. The strategy takes account of planned changes in income and expenditure and sets out how we will meet our statutory requirement to set a balanced budget each year.

Strategic Framework

Here is how the Bexley Plan fits within our strategic framework, or put another way, our family of strategies and plans.

Political Vision

All of our work is driven by our elected members and their vision for Bexley

1. High level

The Budget

Our financial and resourcing framework

Bexley Plan

Our vision of Bexley and the Council

Partnership Vision

Our vision of Bexley for the future which we build with our partners

2. Delivery level

Delivery Strategies

Roadmaps for the delivery of our vision

3. Operational level

  1. Programmes

    Wide-reaching groups of projects that we work towards

  2. Project Plans and Action Plans

    Specific details of projects and actions

  3. Service Delivery Plans

    Annual plans for individual services

  4. Operational Policies

    Documents that set out our principles and guidelines

4. Individual level

Individual staff objectives

Workplans and actions of individual staff members that deliver our shared vision of Bexley

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More information

You can find out more about our planning and budget-setting process onĀ Annual accounts.