How we will deliver our vision

It is important to us that we
keep to our plan and deliver
this vision for Bexley.

Person standing on a giant lightbulb

That is why we have set out an annual action plan that we will use to monitor how well we are delivering against the commitments in our plan.

These actions cascade into our service plans, team plans and staff appraisal objectives to ensure everyone works towards the same goals.

We regularly monitor progress against our annual action plan and other key programmes of work.  We also monitor around 100 corporate performance indicators (measures of data that we track over time) to check that we are moving in the right direction, at the right speed and can compare our performance with others.

Our senior leadership team monitors progress against our actions and measures regularly and reports this to Councillors. Our Overview and Scrutiny Committees challenge the performance of Council services and local partnerships, including local health services and crime and disorder issues.

We will also provide here an annual update to residents, giving an overview of our progress and our priorities ahead.

The Bexley Plan links to all other key plans and strategies in the council.