Personal licence

Personal licences are needed to supervise the sale of alcohol in any premises, such as pubs, clubs, off licences, restaurants and hotels etc.

You need to hold a personal alcohol licence if you:

  • want to sell alcohol at a premises that holds a premises licence
  • want to get more than five temporary event notices in a year
  • are a designated premises supervisor at a premises that holds a premises licence

You don't need to get a personal licence for every person at an establishment that supplies alcohol, but you must make sure that a personal licence holder authorises every sale of alcohol.

You should have a written list of people who have been authorised to sell alcohol on behalf of the personal licence holder. This list should be made available for inspection by licensing or police officers at the premises.

Apply for a licence

Please note - You must be over 18 years old and you must apply to the licensing authority of the district or borough in which you live, not where you work. If you live outside the London Borough of Bexley you must apply to your local authority.

The fee for this licence is £37.

Before you apply, you need to:

Please scan these documents and photos as you will be asked to upload when you apply.

The Licensing Partnership reserve the right to request any original documents in the event of any query or concern with the documents uploaded with the application.

Apply online

Apply for a personal licence

Notify us of a change of name or address

If your licence is lost or stolen

The Licensing Partnership can replace a licence that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed so long as it issued the original one.

You need to write requesting a replacement and send:

  • the fee of £10.50 (you can phone to make payment)
  • an explanation of why you no longer have your personal licence including your full name, address and licence number if known

Removing the expiry date

The Licensing Partnership will automatically remove the expiry date when you make any change to your licence. If you want to get a copy of your licence without the expiry date, send a written request to replace your licence with the required fee (£10.50) and your existing licence or an explanation as to why you cannot return it.

Renew your licence

You no longer need to renew personal licences. Your personal licence is valid until such time as you surrender it or it is revoked.


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