Wellbeing, Resilience and Community

Bexley residents have low levels of anxiety and high levels of life satisfaction, happiness and worthwhileness.

  • Bexley is a place where residents feel their goals can be achieved, and where residents feel they can trust their neighbours
  • 400 voluntary organisations and 1000 informal community groups in Bexley
  • Bexley Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) had 835 volunteers in 2020
  • throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, BVSC had over 1000 new volunteers to help deliver services
  • 500 people signed up as Community Champions – the main reason people gave for signing up was that ‘they wanted to help out their community in their time of need’
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Exercise and activity

Women are more active than men in Bexley - 33% of male residents are inactive compared to 30% of inactive female residents

41% of disabled residents are likely to be active

The most active age group is 16-34

Arts & Culture

Bexley has various places of culture, with a strong focus on heritage.

Currently in the borough we have:

  • 5 music venues
  • 2 museums
  • 1 major outdoor cultural space (Danson Park)
  • 4 theatres
  • 67 listed buildings
  • 16 community centres
  • 85 pubs and bars
  • the Council has been involved with local cultural events in the past few years, including Faith in the Community Awards, Windrush Day celebrations, LGBTQ+ Pride football tournament and Holocaust Memorial Day
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We have 12 libraries


  • 6 are council managed
  • in 2019-20 the Council-run libraries had 989,825 visits
  • there were 35,116 active members and 13,635 new members


  • 9% of people in Bexley do not have digital skills to complete tasks like online shopping, filling in a form or creating an account online
  • wards with the highest risk of digital exclusion are Sidcup and Longlands in the South of the borough and Slade Green & North End and Crayford in the north


of adult residents have not used the internet in the last 3 months or have never used it


people say they do not have internet at home


of people in Bexley don’t have a laptop or a desktop PC at home