Bexley’s recycling rate increases thanks to residents

recycling bales being loaded onto a lorry

Bexley residents helped deliver another increase in the Borough’s recycling rate moving us up to fourth position in London.

The latest figures from Defra (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) show that the borough recycled 43.8% of its household waste in 2022/23. This means Bexley’s recycling rate is above the London average (32.7%) and the national average (41.7%).

The figures also show a drop in the amount of waste produced by each household in the borough. This means that our residents are wasting less and recycling more and that the Borough is sending less rubbish to incineration, reducing pollution and helping to protect the environment for current and future generations.

Councillor Richard Diment – Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Places said:

Thanks to our amazing residents, last year we recycled over 36,500 tonnes of waste in Bexley. The figures also show that Bexley’s recycling rates have improved at a faster pace than many of its London neighbours. This is a fantastic achievement.

By recycling so much we not only do a lot for the environment, but we also save our Council taxpayers’ money.”

With the continued support of residents, the Council hopes to reduce waste and increase its recycling rate further in 2024. Initiatives to encourage more recycling in flats and to help everyone put the right rubbish in the right recycling bin are planned.

For information on how to recycle more in Bexley, visit our Which bin should I use? page.