Which bin should I use?

Most homes in Bexley have three wheeled bins: one for general rubbish and two for recycling. You’ll also get a food waste box and a caddy to use in the kitchen.

Standard waste bins and recycling bin types

Please ensure you place your bins out on the front of your property boundary by 6am on your collection day.

If you live in certain flats or houses, you might have boxes, bags or communal bins. In that case, see What goes in large communal recycling bins? for more information on how to sort your recycling.


Bexley rates as number one borough for recycling in London

Recycling is important for the environment, and it also helps us make Bexley better. For example, just by keeping clean paper and card apart from your other recycling, you help save the council around £450,000 a year, which we can spend on other services, like schools and roads.  

What materials go in the white lidded bin and what happens to them?