Arranging a funeral

Before a burial can take place, the death must be registered within five days.

You may wish to contact a Funeral Director to discuss funeral arrangements. You are entitled to ask for a free quotation, you are under no obligation to use a Funeral Director if you wish to undertake the arrangements yourself. The Council can offer advice if this is your preference, telephone the Cemeteries office on 020 3045 4100 or email

Costs may include:

  • removal of the deceased
  • preparation services of the deceased
  • coffin
  • limousine / hearse
  • church and ministers' fees
  • cemetery fees
  • notices in local papers
  • flowers
  • reception arrangements
  • memorials

You may be able to apply to the Government for help with the cost of a funeral. The cost of a funeral is usually met from the assets of the person who has passed away. If there are no assets the cost may be the responsibility of the person making the funeral arrangements.

Request parking cones for a funeral

You may require cones for a funeral if there are parking restrictions that may need to be temporarily suspended.