If you have a child living with you who is under the age of 16 and not related to you, you need to inform us.

When someone is looking after a child who is not the parent or close relative, this is called private fostering.

If the child is living with you for more than 28 days this is called a private fostering arrangement and by law, you need to tell us.

You might be:

  • a friend of the child’s family
  • someone willing to care for the child of a family they don’t know
  • relatives not mentioned in the list below (for example a cousin or great aunt)

Relatives who are not classed as private foster carers:

  • parent
  • brother or sister
  • aunt or uncle
  • grandparent
  • stepparent
  • guardian or person with parental responsibility

How to tell us

Telephone 020 8303 7777 and ask for the Contact Centre.

What happens next

A social worker will arrange to come and see you and the child to ensure the child’s needs are being met.