Bexley’s Community Risk (CR) MARAC

What is the Community Risk (CR) MARAC?

The Bexley Community Risk (CR) Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a multi-agency meeting where information is shared on complex/high-risk cases involving vulnerable victims/perpetrators of anti-social behaviour.

All relevant information is shared about victims and perpetrators in order to inform a collective assessment of risks. The panel will agree actions to address problematic behaviour and agree on an effective safety planning strategy to manage the overall risk to the victim, perpetrator and/or community.

The primary focus of the CR MARAC is to safeguard the victims or vulnerable person and prevent further victimisation.

The CR MARAC will also make links with other partners to safeguard children and manage the behaviour of the perpetrators.

Who attends the meetings?

Monthly meetings are co-chaired by the Inspector for Neighbourhood Policing and the Adult Safeguarding Lead of the South East London Integrated Care Board (SE ICB), and the meeting is coordinated by the London Borough of Bexley’s Community Safety Team.

Core members include:

  • Police
  • Community Safety
  • SE ICB
  • Housing
  • Victim Support
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Adult Social Care
  • Pier Road Project (a Drug and Alcohol Support Service)
  • Oxleas
  • MIND

Other partners such as GPs, registered housing providers, Probation and services (including those from other boroughs) come on a case-by-case basis.

Who can be referred?

The inclusion criteria for referral to CR MARAC are cases that involve:

Vulnerable victims/perpetrators

Vulnerable person experiencing ongoing victimisation or are at risk of harm. They are a vulnerable victim or perpetrator whose behaviour poses a risk to/or affects others.

Significant risk

There is a high risk of harm, there is an escalation in frequency or severity of incidents indicating the potential for harm or you have significant concerns around risk based on your professional knowledge of the case.

Multi-agency approach needed

A multi-agency approach is needed to safeguard victims of ASB/crime and/or their family and address the behaviour of perpetrators either by an early intervention or by enforcement.

Exclusion criteria

  • CR MARAC only accept referrals for adults
  • CR MARAC will not accept cases that fall under the responsibility of another panel (such as the Domestic Abuse MARAC, MAPPA, Mental Health High-Risk Panel)

How to refer to Bexley’s Community Risk MARAC

All professionals from across the statutory and voluntary sector may refer cases to the Community Risk (CR) MARAC. All documentation relating to the vulnerable person/victim should be sent securely. A common referral form is used among all agencies and the included risk assessment must be completed.

The deadline for referrals is two weeks before the CR MARAC meeting. Once the referral has been made additional information will be sought from core partners in order to accurately assess the level of risk and vulnerability. You will be contacted one week before the CR MARAC meeting to either confirm acceptance, in which case you will be given a time slot for the meeting and advice around preparing for the meeting.

If your referral does not meet the threshold, you will be given advice and recommended actions.

Any queries on Bexley’s CR MARAC should be directed to