Introduction to the Joint Strategic Assessment

This is the annual refresh of the Bexley Community Safety Partnership (BCSP) Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA) for 2023.

The assessment provides a profile of crime and disorder in Bexley in 2022, and alongside data from the annual Bexley Community Safety Survey informs the priority-setting process for the coming year. Priorities for tackling crime and disorder, directed by the evidence within this assessment, will be reflected in the BCSP Delivery Plan for 2023/24.

BCSP is the local partnership that delivers on the responsibilities of statutory organisations under the 1998 Crime & Disorder Act, to reduce crime & disorder in the borough. Statutory members include Police, Local Authority, London Fire Brigade, Probation and Health and they are supported by other non-statutory organisations including the community and voluntary sector. The partnership also links to other boards with joint responsibility on certain topics and works closely with the Adults and Children’s Safeguarding Boards, Health & Wellbeing Board, and the Youth Justice Service Management Board.