King's Coronation Street Parties

Bexley is pleased to announce the approval of 98 applications for road closures for the King’s Coronation street party celebrations!

Locations listed below have been formally approved for road closure to allow for street party celebrations for the King’s Coronation, of which all are subject to further reviews with third parties (such as the Police/Emergency Services and Utility Companies) up until the bank holiday weekend.

Roads approved for closure
QJ Application Road Name Location Date / Time
KC01 Brendon Road, New Eltham No 2 Brendon Road, Sidcup to JCT Dulverton Road 07/05/2023
KC02 Collindale Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 27 Collindale Avenue, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC03 Braywood Road, London No 1 to 28 Braywood Road, London 07/05/2023
KC04 Palmar Crescent, Bexleyheath No 1 to 20 Palmar Crescent, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC05 Nursery Avenue, Bexleyheath JCT from Woolwich Road to No 60 Nursery Avenue 06/05/2023
KC07 Appledore Avenue, Barnehurst 70 to 100 Appledore Avenue 06/05/2023
KC08 Marne Avenue, Welling No 1 to No 21 Marne Avenue, Welling 06/05/2023
KC09 Sunridge Avenue, Welling No 1 to 44 Sundridge Avenue, Welling 07/05/2023
KC10 Beechfield Road, Erith No 1 to No 10 Beechfield Road, Erith 07/05/2023
KC13 Stephen Road, Bexleyheath No 13 to 48 Stephen Road, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC14 Greenwood Close, Sidcup Car Park Entrance to end of cul de sac 08/05/2023
KC15 Maxwell Road, Welling JCT Marne Avenue to Cavendish Avenue 07/05/2023
KC16 Arlington Close, Sidcup No 3 to 41 Arlington Close 07/05/2023
KC17 Beech Walk, Crayford No 1 to 15 Beech Walk, Crayford 07/05/2023
KC18 Heath Way, Erith JCT East Holme to West Holme 07/05/2023
KC19 Lulworth Road, Welling No 27 Lulworth Road, welling to end of Cul De Sac 07/05/2023
KC20 Love Lane, Bexley No 10 to No 20 Love Lane 07/05/2023
KC21 Ashbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath No 10 to 52 Ashbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC22 Alexandra Road, Erith JCT Manor Road to No 40 Alexandra Road 07/05/2023
KC23 Cambridge Road, Sidcup No 1 to 31 Cambridge Road, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC26 Glynde Road, Bexleyheath No 17a Glynde Road to JCT Queen Ann Gate 07/05/2023
KC29 Ruxley Close, Sidcup No 7 to 14 Ruxley Close, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC30 Roseberry Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 49 Roseberry Avenue Sidcup 06/05/2023
KC31 Montrose Avenue, Sidcup JCT Marlborough Park to JCT Hill Crest 07/05/2023
KC32 Bradbourne Road, Bexley No 7 to 72 Bradbourne Road 06/05/2023
KC33 Rochester Drive, Bexley No 68 to 90 Rochester Drive, Bexley 06/05/2023
KC34 Bedens Road, Sidcup No 1 to 9 Bedens Road, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC37 Martens Close, Bexleyheath No 15 to No 36 Martens Close, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC38 Farm Place, Crayford Whole Cul De Sac 06/05/2023
KC39 Fairwater Avenue, Welling No 31 to 76 Fairwater Avenue 07/05/2023
KC41 Stanhope Road, Bexleyheath JCT Heathside Avenue to JCT Hamilton Road 07/05/2023
KC42 Clovelly Road, Bexleyheath Whole Road (Cul De Sac) 07/05/2023
KC43 Langdale Crescent, Bexleyheath JCT Cartmel Road to JCT Heversham 07/05/2023
KC44 Brixham Road, Welling (SGN works nearby) JCT Tenby Road to JCT Axminster Road 07/05/2023
KC46 Cedar Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 31 Cedar Avenue Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC48 Goodwin Drive, Sidcup No 2 to 39 Goodwin Drive, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC50 Clinton Avenue, Welling JCT Merlin Road North to 35 Clinton Avenue, Welling 07/05/2023
KC52 Holbeach Gardens, Sidcup No 22 Holbeach Gardens, Sidcup to end of cul de sac 06/05/2023
KC53 Margaret Road, Bexley No 34 to 51 Margaret Road, Bexley 06/05/2023
KC54 Harland Avenue, Sidcup No 103 to 121 Harland Avenue, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC55 Lonsdale Road, Bexleyheath Whole Cul De Sac 07/05/2023
KC56 Wren Road, Sidcup No 45 to 54 Wren Road 07/05/2023
KC57 Huxley Road, Welling No 1 to 31 Huxley Road 08/05/2023
KC58 Thwaite Close, Erith No 1 to 24 Thwaite Close, Erith 07/05/2023
KC59 Silverdale Road, Bexleyheath No 16 to JCT Erith Road 07/05/2023
KC60 The View, Abbey Wood No 14 to 36 The View, Abbey Wood 06/05/2023
KC61 Caerleon Close, Sidcup No 1 to 10 Caerleon Close Sidcup 06/05/2023
KC62 Abbeyhill Road, Sidcup JCT Hurst Road to JCT Canterbury Avenue 07/05/2023
KC63 Danson Road, Bexleyheath 89 to 105 Danson Road, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC64 Sandhurst Road, Sidcup No 9 Sandhurst Road to No 19 Sandhurst Road 07/05/2023
KC65 Warwick Close, Bexley No 17 Warwick Close, Bexley to end of Cul De Sac 07/05/2023
KC66 Birkbeck Road, Sidcup JCT Clarence Road to JCT Stanley Road 07/05/2023
KC36 Palmeria Road, Bexleyheath JCT Brampton Road to No 50 07/05/2023
KC68 Dansington Road, Welling No 17 to JCT Selwyn Crescent 08/05/2023
KC69 Hurlingham Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 39 Hurlingham Road, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC70 The Green, Bexleyheath No 10 to 22 The Green, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC71 Heathside Avenue, Bexleyheath JCT Pickford Lane to JCT Stanhope Road 08/05/2023
KC72 Stratton Close, Bexleyheath Whole Road 07/05/2023
KC73 Tavistock Road, Welling No 1 to 12 Tavistock Road, Welling 07/05/2023
KC74 Sandringham Drive, Welling No 45 to 71 Sandringham Welling 06/05/2023
KC75 Belmont Avenue, Welling JCT Ashmore Grove to Falconwood Avenue 07/05/2023
KC76 Wendover Way, Welling JCT Westwood Lane to No 40 Wendover Way 06/05/2023
KC77 Woodside Road, Bexleyheath No 21 to 56 Woodside Road, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC79 Hansol Road, Bexleyheath No 11a to 39 Hansol Road, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC80 Oakhurst Avenue, Bexleyheath Long Lane JCT to No 12 Oakhurst Avenue, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC81 Northumberland Avenue, Welling No 65 to 103 Northumberland Avenue, Welling 06/05/2023
KC83 Church Avenue, Sidcup No 18 to 38 Church Avenue, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC84 Buxton Road, Erith JCT Avenue Road to JCT Elm Grove 06/05/2023
KC85 Bedford Road, Sidcup No 1 to 23 Bedford Road, Sidcup 07/05/2023
KC86 Swale Road, Crayford JCT Medway Road to JCT Mayplace Avenue 07/05/2023
KC87 Brantwood Road, Bexleyheath No 37 to 67 Brantwood Road, Bexleyheath 06/05/2023
KC88 Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley No 6 to 24 Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley 06/05/2023
KC89 Corbylands Road, Sidcup JCT Halfway Street to Merrilees Road 07/05/2023
KC92 Murchison Avenue, Crayford No 18 to 80 Murchison Avenue, Bexley 07/05/2023
KC93 Chessington Avenue, Bexleyheath No 72 to 104 Chessington Avenue, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC95 Danson Mead, Welling No 1 to 13 Danson Mead, Welling 07/05/2023
KC96 Granville Road, Welling No 1 to 71 Granville Road, Welling 07/05/2023
KC97 Rydal Drive, Bexleyheath JCT Ambleside Road to JCT The Green 06/05/2023
KC98 Little Heath Road, Bexleyheath No 56 to JCT Dunwich Road 07/05/2023
KC99 Longlands Park Crescent, Sidcup JCT Marlwood to Longlands Road 07/05/2023
KC100 Hawthorn Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 69 Hawthorn Road, Bexleyheath 07/05/2023
KC102 Lyndon Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 63 Lyndon Avenue 06/05/2023
KC103 Orchard Close, Bexleyheath No 28 Orchard Close to end of cul de sac 06/05/2023
KC105 Beverley Avenue, Sidcup JCT Annadale Road to No 51 Beverley Road 07/05/2023
KC106 Halt Robin Road, Belvedere No 31 to JCT Bunkers Hill 07/05/2023
KC107 Coote Road, Bexleyheath No 14 to JCT Franklin Road 06/05/2023
KC109 Dene Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to end of cul de sac 07/05/2023
KC110 Chiddingstone Avenue, Bexleyheath S/O 47 Stapleton to 8 Chiddingstone Avenue, Bexleyheath 08/05/2023
KC111 Cambria Close, Sidcup No 26 to End of cul de sac 07/05/2023
KC112 Dashwood Close, Bexleyheath Whole Road 07/05/2023
KC113 Hall Place Crescent, Bexley No 1 to 76 Hall Place Crescent, Bexley 07/05/2023
KC114 Royal Oak Road, Bexleyheath No 56 to end of cul de sac 06/05/2023

Please take particular notice of the ‘Location’ of the closure, as the Council has had to make various amendments to requests to allow for parking access in line with Police Guidance. 

Please avoid these road closures where possible during the event date to prevent traffic disruption.

Contact details 

If you have any queries, please email or telephone 020 3045 4570 (9am to 4pm Monday to Friday).

Over the bank holiday weekend, should you have any queries, please contact the Council's switchboard on 020 8303 7777.

For further information, please see the following Guidance below.


This guidance is for Street Parties to celebrate King’s Coronation, other guidance should be used for Street Parties not associated with this event.

A Street Party is a great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit, it is a small community event in a small residential street. It is a private residents’ event, run not for profit with no tickets sold, and the event should not be advertised other than to residents of the street or local community groups. This would require a part of the street (the council will specify the appropriate location) to be closed to traffic during the event, which requires a legal process to be followed.

Street Party will be taking place for a single event between Saturday 6 May 2023 to Monday 8 May 2023 between the hours 9am to 9pm.

If you plan to sell food, alcohol, or charge for attendance, then other legislation applies, and you will need to apply for these separately. If you hold a raffle on the day only, with any takings being used to fund the event or support a local charity, and the prize value is less than £500, then separate licences and gaming legislation is not thought to apply.

An alternative to a Street Party where you may not want, be able to, or have time to arrange a road closure is to hold a Street Meet. This is a more informal arrangement and can be held on a driveway, parking area, front garden or at the end of a cul-de-sac. You can also arrange a neighbour’s picnic in a local park or open space. You will not need formal permission for a Street Meet if there aren’t too many of you and you do not have music or a BBQ.

Public liability insurance

London Borough of Bexley do not insist on public liability insurance to hold a Street Party or Street meet, but it is recommended that you hold this insurance.

In case of any damage to public property or the highway, the organisers will be held liable. Safety should be considered by all residents attending the street party.

Traffic control for the road closure

The traffic control for the road closure, including all road signage/cones, will be arranged by the Council through its own providers based on the extents and times of each event.

Access must always be provided for emergency vehicles during the road closure, with an unobstructed carriageway width of 4m to allow for these wider vehicles. Any bunting or overhead decoration must allow for 5m clearance to street level to ensure that emergency vehicles may pass unobstructed.


In recognition of this National Event, Bexley will waive all fees for the road closure process and associated signs. Event organisers will be responsible for costs related to the event and activities.

Terms and Conditions

i) Responsibility for the event lies with the residents/organiser(s) and so you must pay to the Council the full costs of any damage to the highway or street furniture, or other loss or damage suffered by it and of any claims made against it as a result of the making of the Order and which arise from your negligence or (if you represent an organisation) the negligence of your organisation’s members or officers.

ii) Any Traffic Regulation Order (Parking controls, one-ways, etc) or other statutory provision which is currently in force in the road(s) to be closed will remain in force during the closure unless specified to the contrary on the Legal Order.

iii) Access by emergency services must be available at all times during the closure period, with an unobstructed carriageway width of 4m minimum, and 5m vertical clearance for overhanging decorations such as bunting.

iv) Parking bay suspensions are not normally required but the Council does not undertake to clear the road of parked vehicles or obstructions prior to the closure taking effect and so you must make arrangements with the owners of affected parked vehicles for the moving of an adequate number of vehicles to enable the event to proceed, including ensuring the aforementioned unobstructed width.

v) You agree to clean the street in order to return it to its condition prior to the closure and the street should be cleaned to the original condition. Waste materials should not be dumped in the public highway or disposed of through your normal waste collections.

vi) You will supply contact details, date, and times for the event to all residents/businesses that would be affected by the Street Party and/or road closure at least 7 days in advance of the event.

vii) The three nominated event organisers must be contactable throughout the duration of the event.

viii) You have considered the need for Public Liability Insurance.

ix) If you intend to sell food, drink, or alcohol, sell tickets for attendance, or to provide entertainment, you will apply separately for a Temporary Event Notice from London Borough of Bexley.

Contact details

If you have any queries, please email or telephone 020 3045 4570 (9am to 4pm Monday to Friday).

Over the bank holiday weekend, should you have any queries, please contact the Council's switchboard on 020 8303 7777.