Platinum Jubilee Street Parties

The council is supporting this National period of celebration by allowing residents to organise Street Parties.

All applications were required by 11 March 2022, to allow the legal process to be completed in time, and no new applications will be accepted.

The Council received over 100 applications for street parties across the extended weekend of 2 to 5 June 2022. Applicants will be informed individually whether their event can be approved or not.

Roads provisionally approved for closure

The locations below have been provisionally approved for road closure to allow for street party celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. All are subject to further reviews with third parties such as the Police and emergency services.

Please take particular notice of the ‘Location’ of the road closure, as the Council has had to make various amendments to applications to allow for parking access in line with Police guidance.

It is recommended to avoid these roads during the event date to prevent traffic disruption, where possible.

List of roads provisionally approved for closure
QJ Application Road Name Location Date / Time
QJ113 Arlington Close, Sidcup No 6 Arlington Close, Sidcup to end of Cul De Sac 02 June
QJ121 St Michaels Road, Welling No 5 to 15 St Michaels Road 02 June
QJ17 Ashmore Grove, Welling No 1 to 43 Ashmore Grove, Welling 03 June
QJ75 Beechway, Bexley No 7 to 33 Beechway, Bexley 03 June
QJ26 Belmont Avenue, Welling JCT Ashmore Grove to Falconwood Avenue 03 June
QJ98 Chessington Avenue, Bexleyheath No 72 to 104 Chessington Avenue, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ142 Chestnut Drive, Bexleyheath No 2 to 30 Chestnut Drive, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ32 Chiddingstone Avenue, Bexleyheath No 1 to 15 Chiddingstone Avenue, Bexleyheath and Lydd Road (Whole Road) 03 June
QJ90 Clinton Avenue, Welling No 31 to 75 Clinton Avenue, Welling 03 June
QJ117 Cookson Grove, Erith No 19 to 47 Cookson Grove 03 June
QJ87 Dallin Road, Bexleyheath No 34 to 56 Dallin Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ149 Dansington Road, Welling No 17 to JCT Selwyn Crescent 03 June
QJ94 Dene Avenue, Sidcup No 2 Dene Avenue to end of Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ01 Felton Lea, Sidcup No 2 to 41 Felton Lea, Sidcup 03 June
QJ86 First Avenue, Bexleyheath No 9 to 55 First Avenue, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ07 Hook Lane, Welling 198 to 235 Hook Lane, Welling 03 June
QJ47 Hurlingham Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 39 Hurlingham Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ147 Izane Road, Bexleyheath No 2 to 26 Izane Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ84 Lime Grove, Sidcup No 29 to 59 Lime Grove, Sidcup 03 June
QJ101 Lonsdale Road, Bexleyheath Whole Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ124 Lyndhurst Close, Bexleyheath Whole Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ156 Marlborough Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 44 Marlborough Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ13 Midhurst Hill, Bexleyheath No 79 to 102 Midhurst Hill 03 June
QJ58 Monmouth Close, Welling No 1 to 42 Monmouth Close, Welling 03 June
QJ93 Murchison Avenue, Bexley No 18 to 80 Murchison Avenue, Bexley 03 June
QJ18 Northdown Road, Welling No 61 to 99 Northdown Road 03 June
QJ38 Pickford Close, Bexleyheath No 1 to end of Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ73 Ravenswood, Bexley Whole Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ154 Rochester Drive, Bexley No 68 to 90 Rochester Drive, Bexley 03 June
QJ37 Sandringham Drive, Welling No 45 to 71 Sandringham Welling 03 June
QJ29 Smarden Close, Belvedere Whole Road to be shut 03 June
QJ85 Stephen Road, Bexleyheath No 13 to 48 Stephen Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ99 The Green, Bexleyheath No 10 to 22 The Green, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ21 Whenman Avenue, Bexley No 11 to 66 Whenman Avenue, Bexley 03 June
QJ66 Farm Place, Crayford Whole Cul De Sac 03 June
QJ04 Watermeadow Close, Erith 1 to 19 Watermeadow Close, Erith 03 June
QJ111 Danson Road, Bexleyheath 89 to 105 Danson Road, Bexleyheath 03 June
QJ06 Appledore Avenue, Barnehurst No 70 to 100 Appledore Avenue 04 June
QJ116 Ashbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath No 10 to 52 Ashbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ140 Bascombe Grove, Crayford No 1 to 21 Bascombe Grove, Crayford 04 June
QJ106 Bedford Road, Sidcup No 1 to 23 Bedford Road, Sidcup 04 June
QJ28 Boundary Road, Blackfen No 32 to 58 Boundary Road 04 June
QJ50 Brantwood Road, Bexleyheath No 37 to 67 Brantwood Road, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ155 Braywood Road, Welling No 1 to 28 Braywood Road, London 04 June
QJ80 Caerleon Close, Sidcup No 1 to 10 Caerleon Close Sidcup 04 June
QJ143 Cambridge Road, Sidcup No 1 to 31 Cambridge Road, Sidcup 04 June
QJ02 Cedar Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 31 Cedar Avenue Sidcup 04 June
QJ89 Church Avenue, Sidcup No 18 to 38 Church Avenue, Sidcup 04 June
QJ148 Durham Road, Sidcup No 7 to 30 Durham Road, Sidcup 04 June
QJ103 Gipsy Road, Welling No 199 to 215 Gipsy Road, Welling 04 June
QJ91 Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley No 6 to 24 Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley 04 June
QJ105 Goodwin Drive, Sidcup No 2 to 39 Goodwin Drive, Sidcup 04 June
QJ134 Halt Robin Road, Belvedere No 31 to JCT Bunkers Hill 04 June
QJ126 Harman Drive, Sidcup No 2 to 44 Harman Drive, Sidcup 04 June
QJ144 Hemmings Close, Sidcup No 5 Hemmings Close, Sidcup to end of Cul De Sac 04 June
QJ10 Holmesdale Grove, Bexleyheath No 70 to 108 Holmesdale Grove, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ42 Hurst Road, Northumberland Heath JCT from Limewood Rd to J/W Avenue Rd 04 June
QJ60 Kingswood Avenue, Belvedere No 50 to 72 Kingswood Avenue 04 June
QJ09 Maiden Lane, Crayford JCT from Mayplace Ave to Medway Rd 04 June
QJ83 Margaret Road, Bexley No 34 to 51 Margaret Road, Bexley 04 June
QJ119 Orchard Road, Sidcup JCT Main Road to 14 Orchard Road Sidcup 04 June
QJ31 Palmar Crescent, Bexleyheath No 1 to 20 Palmar Crescent, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ139 Pinnacle Hill North, Bexleyheath No 76 Pinnacle Hill North, Bexleyheath to JCT Mayplace Road East 04 June
QJ95 Plymstock Road, Welling No 36 to end of Cul De Sac 04 June
QJ120 Rippersley Road, Welling No 1 to 15 Rippersley Road, Welling 04 June
QJ34 Roseberry Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 49 Roseberry Avenue Sidcup 04 June
QJ59 Ruxley Close, Sidcup No 7 to 14 Ruxley Close, Sidcup 04 June
QJ67 Silver Spring Close, Erith No 29 to 102 Silver Spring Close 04 June
QJ127 Silverdale Road, Bexleyheath No 16 to JCT Erith Road 04 June
QJ150 St Audrey Avenue, Bexleyheath No 1 to 61 St Audrey Avenue, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ122 St Quentin Road, Welling No 1 to 21 St Quentin Road, Welling 04 June
QJ70 Sundridge Avenue, Welling No 1 to 44 Sundridge Avenue, Welling 04 June
QJ96 The View, Abbey Wood No 14 to 36 The View, Abbey Wood 04 June
QJ68 Thwaite Close, Erith No 1 to 25 Thwaite Close, Erith 04 June
QJ44 Vaughan Road, Welling No 1 to 20 Vaughan Road, Welling 04 June
QJ25 Westmoreland Avenue, Welling No 1A to 57 Westmoreland Avenue 04 June
QJ138 Woodside Road, Bexleyheath No 21 to 56 Woodside Road, Bexleyheath 04 June
QJ20 Wren Road, Sidcup No 45 to 54 Wren Road 04 June
QJ141 Wyncham Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 61 Wyncham Avenue 04 June
QJ157 Dale Road, Crayford 14 to 34 Dale Road, Crayford 04 June
QJ135 Queen Street, Erith Elrick Close to Erith House 04 June
QJ146 Appledore Crescent, Sidcup 49 to 104 Appledore Crescent, Sidcup 04 June
QJ63 Barrington Road, Bexleyheath No 29 to 41 Barrington Road 05 June
QJ108 Beech Walk, Crayford No 1 to 15 Beech Walk, Crayford 05 June
QJ110 Birchwood Avenue, Sidcup No 2 to 44 Birchwood Avenue, Sidcup 05 June
QJ61 Bradbourne Road, Bexley No 7 to 72 Bradbourne Road 05 June
QJ153 Braundton Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 39 Braundton Avenue Sidcup 05 June
QJ82 Brendon Road, Sidcup No 2 Brendon Road, Sidcup to JCT Dulverton Road 05 June
QJ41 Camborne Road, Welling No 11 to end of Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ109 Canberra Road, Bexleyheath No 12 to 38 Canberra Road, Bexleyheath 05 June
QJ62 Cavendish Road, Welling No 25 to 63 Cavendish Road 05 June
QJ125 Clifton Road, Welling No 29 Clifton Road, Welling to JCT Westbrooke Road 05 June
QJ15 Collindale Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 27 Collindale Avenue 05 June
QJ130 Danson Mead, Welling No 1 to 13 Danson Mead, Welling 05 June
QJ12 Dashwood Close, Bexleyheath Whole Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ65 Ditton Road, Bexleyheath No 18 to 32 Ditton Road, Bexleyheath 05 June
QJ151 Dunwich Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 44 Dunwich Road, Bexleyheath 05 June
QJ71 Fairwater Avenue, Welling No 31 to 76 Fairwater Avenue 05 June
QJ22 Frensham Road, New Eltham No 30 to 56 Frensham Road 05 June
QJ88 Granville Road, Welling No 1 to 71 Granville Road, Welling 05 June
QJ16 Hall Place Crescent, Dartford No 1 to 76 Hall Place Crescent, Dartford 05 June
QJ24 Harland Avenue, Sidcup No 103 to 121 Harland Avenue, Sidcup (Both sides of the Road) 05 June
QJ30 Hartley Road, Welling No 1 to 20 Hartley Road, Welling 05 June
QJ136 Hawthorn Road, Bexleyheath No 1 to 69 Hawthorn Road, Bexleyheath 05 June
QJ23 Heathview Avenue, Crayford No 1 to 65 Heathview Avenue, Crayford 05 June
QJ45 Hill View Drive, Welling No 33 to 41 Hill View Drive 05 June
QJ74 Huxley Road, Welling No 1 to 31 Huxley Road 05 June
QJ152 Iris Crescent, Bexleyheath No 18 Iris Crescent, Bexleyheath to end of Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ11 Kenmere Road JCT from Lynmere to Somerhill 05 June
QJ35 Lacebark Close, Sidcup No 1 to end of Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ39 Langdon Shaw, Sidcup No 7 to 37 Langdon Shaw, Sidcup 05 June
QJ100 Lincoln Road, Sidcup No 2 to 22 Lincoln Road, Sidcup 05 June
QJ64 Lovel Avenue, Welling No 79 to 101 Lovel Avenue, Welling 05 June
QJ48 Lulworth Road, Welling No 27 Lulworth Road, welling to end of Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ129 Lyndon Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 63 Lyndon Avenue 05 June
QJ53 Maxwell Road, Welling JCT Marne Avenue to Cavendish Avenue 05 June
QJ133 Montrose Avenue, Welling No 62 to 168 Montrose Avenue, Welling 05 June
QJ78 Northumberland Avenue, Welling No 65 to 103 Northumberland Avenue, Welling 05 June
QJ79 Bedens Road, Sidcup No 1 to 9 Bedens Road, Sidcup 05 June
QJ08 Northumberland Way, Erith No 16 to 51 Northumberland Way, Erith 05 June
QJ19 Nursery Avenue, Bexleyheath JCT from Woolwich Road to No 60 Nursery Avenue 05 June
QJ81 Oakhurst Avenue, Bexleyheath Long Lane JCT to No 12 Oakhurst Avenue, Bexleyheath 05 June
QJ107 Orchard Avenue, Belvedere No 4a to 36 Orchard Avenue, Belvedere 05 June
QJ97 Orchard Rise West, Sidcup No 23 to 62 Orchard Rise West, Sidcup 05 June
QJ57 Park Mead, Sidcup No 1 to 48 Park Mead, Sidcup 05 June
QJ112 Parkhurst Road, Bexley No 19 to 36 Parkhurst Road Bexley 05 June
QJ36 Parkwood Road, Bexley No 12 to 32 Parkwood Road, Bexley 05 June
QJ52 Pinewood Avenue, Sidcup No 1 to 48 Pinewood Avenue, Sidcup 05 June
QJ115 Portland Avenue, Sidcup No 9 to 27 Portland Avenue, Sidcup 05 June
QJ40 Randolph Close, Bexleyheath No 38 to 64 Randolph Close 05 June
QJ69 St Margaret’s Avenue, Sidcup No 1A to 17 St Margaret’s Avenue Sidcup 05 June
QJ145 Tavistock Road, Welling No 1 to 12 Tavistock Road, Welling 05 June
QJ137 Telford Road, New Eltham No 19 to 43 Telford Road, New Eltham 05 June
QJ43 The Grove, Sidcup No 65 to 79 The Grove, Sidcup 05 June
QJ72 The Spinney, North Cray No 46 to 60 The Spinney, North Cray 05 June
QJ114 Upper Grove Road, Belvedere No 16 to 35 Upper Grove Road, Belvedere 05 June
QJ104 Warwick Close, Bexley No 17 Warwick Close, Bexley to end of Cul De Sac 05 June
QJ76 Clovelly Road, Bexleyheath Whole Road (Cul De Sac) 05 June