Thames Road Waste Transfer Station

Thames Road is open to residents in vans and businesses. We’re open 7 days a week from 7.30am to 4pm. Please note the site will be closed to the public Monday to Friday between 11am and 1pm.

Thames Road

Day Times open
Monday 7.30am to 4pm
Tuesday 7.30am to 4pm
Wednesday 7.30am to 4pm
Thursday 7.30am to 4pm
Friday 7.30am to 4pm
Saturday 7.30am to 4pm
Sunday 7.30am to 4pm

Visiting the site

You need to wear a hard hat and a high-visibility vest when you visit. Due to Covid precautions, we can no longer lend these out, please bring your own otherwise you will be required to purchase these at £12 (including VAT) a set, payment by card only.

Sometimes we have to close the site for around 20 minutes at a time to deal with a bulky articulated lorry load. If you wait patiently, we’ll open again as soon as possible.

If you’re a Bexley resident in a van

You can throw away up to 500kg of household waste per financial year (April to March) for free. If you go over this we’ll charge you for every extra 100kg using the guide below. We accept card payments only.

From 1 September, there will be a reduction in the annual weight allowance from 500kg to 250kg for residents in vans at Thames Road Transfer Station.

You’ll need a photo ID and proof of address to enter. A current photocard driving licence will do for both, or you can bring a passport with a council tax bill in the same name.

A van is defined as:

  • any vehicle with side panels instead of rear windows
  • any vehicle which has had the rear seats removed permanently
  • the vehicle logbook description will not be accepted

No vans will be accepted at the Reuse and Recycling Centres.

If you’re from a business

We’ll charge a minimum: 

  • £26 for garden waste 
  • £17 for construction waste
  • £26 for wood waste or 
  • £34 for general waste.

Prices go up in bands of 100kg, and we accept card payments only.

You will need a waste carrier’s licence, please make sure it’s up to date and bring it with you.


Rubbish type Price per tonne (incl. VAT) Minimum charge (100kg)
General (mixed) rubbish £288 £34
Green (garden) waste £120 £26
Wood waste £182 £26
Paper and cardboard Free* Free*
Construction waste (hardcore) £98 £17

*single loads only, as agreed with site staff

sort you waste

Be organised

Please separate the rubbish before you visit to make it easy to calculate any cost and recycle as much as possible.