Find a local recycling bank

You can recycle most household rubbish through your regular bin collections. But if you’ve had a clear-out or want to recycle something we don’t collect, fill in your postcode and find your nearest recycling facility using the Recycle Locator tool below.

Some locations have a dedicated area to drop items that can be reused – so someone else can make the most of them.

Please note that our recycling banks are for recyclable items only and that any waste or recyclables which are deposited on the ground may be classed as fly-tipping and could result in enforcement action. 


If using the recycling facilities at Thames Road or Foots Cray Reuse and Recycling Centres, please bring proof of address and be prepared to show proof if asked for:

  • a valid driving licence or
  • a Council tax bill  

Check what you can throw away at home