About the test


Bexley Selection Test 2023

  • The selection test for 2023 is now concluded.

At the request of the test provider, GL Assessment (GLA), we are unable to share any information related to the specific aspects concerning your child's Bexley Selection Test results.

GLA has requested that these materials remain confidential and undisclosed:

  • request for pupil ‘Raw scores’
  • requests for pupil ‘Rankings positions’
  • requests to view the Test Papers (e.g. question paper and answer paper)
  • requests to re-mark pupils Test Papers

The test provider GL Assessment is responsible for marking the papers. GL Assessment’s marking system is accurate and fair, with scanning work compliant with requirements of 99.9% guaranteed reading accuracy and human checking of all responses where the scan is not fully clear. Bexley Council does not offer a re-mark service by GL Assessment. Any re-mark service usually offered by the test provider does not apply to the Bexley 11 plus Selection Test process.

Bexley Selection Test - Head Teacher review process

Find out more details about the review process

You should contact your child’s Head Teacher to discuss whether a request for a review can or should be made. Completed forms should be returned by 11 November to:

  • School Admissions Team
    London Borough of Bexley
    Civic Offices
    2 Watling Street
    Bexleyheath DA6 7AT
  • Or, by email to SelectionTests@bexley.gov.uk

Most primary schools in Bexley hold the test on their own sites. But some use a testing centre, and if your child is at school elsewhere, they’ll also be invited to one of those.

There will be two test papers containing a mixture of questions on verbal reasoning, comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning. Each paper will be divided into timed sections, and instructions will be given on an audio soundtrack. All questions are multiple-choice, and all answers are marked on a separate machine-readable answer sheet. There will be a short break between the two test papers.