Register for the secondary selection test


Update - Bexley Selection Test 2020

Following the Covid-19 assessment processes for selective school admissions guidance published by the Department for Education, the London Borough of Bexley is now able to confirm that it is formally postponing its selective test dates from the 15 and 16 September to the week commencing 2 November. Further details will be sent to all those who have registered to sit the test in due course.

Bexley has four grammar schools: two mixed, one for boys and one for girls.

If you want to apply for your child to get a place at any of them, they have to have taken and passed the secondary selection test. You might remember tests like these being called the ’11 plus’ in the past.

Decide if your child should take the test

The secondary selection process is very competitive, and only about 30% of children get a high enough mark to be able to apply to grammar school. Last year, 6424 pupils sat the test, and 2027 were selected. Getting into this group doesn’t guarantee a grammar school place, but it means grammar schools will look at your child’s application first. 

It’s worth chatting with your child to find out how they feel about taking the test, and whether they know that passing is not the be-all and end-all. They’ll get a quality secondary school education in Bexley whatever happens.

Register for the secondary selection test

We won’t automatically sign up your child to take the test, even if they go to a Bexley primary. You need to register online, and the deadline is usually early in the summer term of year 5.

Registration is now closed