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Bexley Selection Test 2022

The London Borough of Bexley is planning to deliver the Bexley Selection Test in September 2022 in the usual format we have operated in the past. However, bearing in mind the challenges that Covid has caused over the last 2 years with school closures, social distancing requirements and the government advice to remain home unless essential, we reserve the right to alter testing arrangements in the case of any restrictions or other related issues that may be in place at the time of testing.

Bexley has four grammar schools: two mixed, one for boys and one for girls.

If you want to apply for your child to get a place at any of them, they have to have taken and passed the secondary selection test. You might remember tests like these being called the ’11 plus’ in the past.

Decide if your child should take the test

The secondary selection process is very competitive, and only about 30% of children get a high enough mark to be able to apply to grammar school. Last year, 6656 pupils registered to sit the test, and 2047 were deemed selected. Getting into this group doesn’t guarantee a grammar school place, but it means grammar schools will look at your child’s application first.

It’s worth chatting with your child to find out how they feel about taking the test, and whether they know that passing is not the be-all and end-all. They’ll get a quality secondary school education in Bexley whatever happens.

Selection test in September 2022 for children transferring to secondary school in September 2023

Children who were born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 can sit the Bexley selection test in September 2022 when they are in Year 6 of primary school.

It is your responsibility to register your child online between Tuesday 3 May and Friday 1 July 2022 to sit the test when the registration process will be open. This includes all children who attend primary schools in Bexley.

The test sessions are planned for week commencing Monday 12 September 2022. All children registered for the test will be invited to one of these sessions, whether in their own school or at a test centre. There will be two test papers containing a mixture of questions on verbal reasoning and comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning. Each paper will be divided into timed sections, and instructions will be given on an audio soundtrack. Most questions are multiple-choice, and all answers are marked on a separate machine-readable answer sheet. There will be a short break between the two test papers.

Information for Parents leaflet (PDF)

All parents who register their child for the test will be sent a link to familiarisation materials. The test provider, CEM, does not sell past papers or practice books.

Apply for special arrangements

You can apply for special arrangements if your child has a disability or special need.

Register for the secondary selection test

We won’t automatically sign up your child to take the test, even if they go to a Bexley primary school.

The registration period for the selection test is now closed.

The registration period closes at midnight on Friday 1 July 2022.

Applications for special arrangements can be made now, and the closing date for applications is Friday 17 June 2022. Please note that you must also register your child for the Bexley selection tests.

We are unable to accept any late applications.