Reporting an antisocial behaviour issue

The Bexley Community Safety team work with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour that presents a high level of threat, risk or harm to individuals and/or the community.

The Community Safety team do not deal with noise nuisance, civil neighbour disputes, parking complaints, waste and recycling, CCTV and graffiti.

Please complete the following forms to report:

How can I make a report?

In an emergency always call 999. You should use this service to contact the police in situations when you need an immediate response, for example, if a crime is in progress or if someone is in immediate danger.

You should report to the police immediately if it's regarding an assault, criminal damage, hate crime, vandalism, drug use, drug cultivation or drug dealing as only they can deal with these issues.

If it's an incident that has already happened and doesn't need an immediate response, you can:

You may wish to report anonymously via Crimestoppers or by calling 0800 555111

What if I am a housing association tenant?

If you are a housing association tenant, please ensure you have reported your antisocial complaint to your Housing Officer. However, we will not respond to complaints involving tenants of Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).

Reporting a Hate Crime

There are many ways you can report a hate incident or hate crime. We encourage you to always report this to the police, but you may report to Stop Hate UK or another charity, or directly to Community Safety.

View our report hate incident page for further information on additional reporting or click on the Report Anti Social Behaviour button to inform the Community Safety Team.

Make a report

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour or incidents which may be causing you alarm and distress, please complete our antisocial behaviour reporting form.

Report antisocial behaviour

Ensure contact details are correctly filled out as anonymous reports will not be actioned.

ASB Case Review (previously known as Community Trigger)

The ASB Case Review gives you the right to ask for a review of the response to an anti-social behaviour problem that you have reported at least three times before.

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