How we work out what your care costs

Your financial assessment will help us to decide how much, if anything, you will have to pay towards the cost of your care and support and whether you are entitled to receive any financial assistance from the Council to meet your assessed needs.

Whatever your situation, we can offer information and advice to help you understand how care and support services work locally, the care and funding options available, and how you can access appropriate care and support to meet your needs.

The cost of your care is worked out simply by multiplying the cost of the services you receive by how often you receive them. For example:

If you have two hours of home care a week that costs £18.52 an hour, your weekly total cost is £37.04.

What we have decided you can afford (also known as your ‘assessed maximum contribution’) might be more or less than that - but we will never charge you more than your care costs. 

For example:

  • if your total cost is £37.04, but your assessed maximum contribution is £14.00, we will charge you £14.00
  • if your total cost is £37.04, but your assessed maximum contribution is £40.00, we will charge you £37.04

You can ask us to review your charges if you disagree or can’t pay

You’ll need to write to us at explaining why you think our charges should be different. You should include any evidence you need us to look at. We’ll get back to you in writing.  

You’ll start to pay after you start getting care

We’ll try and assess your finances before your care starts so you know in advance how much you’re paying. But even if we assess you later (for example, because we didn’t have your financial information), we’ll charge you from the day your care started.

We’ll ask for payments every four weeks

Most people find it easiest to pay online or set up a Direct Debit. But you can also pay over the phone, by telephone, by cheque or in person.