Applying for a new dropped kerb

If you need to drive across the pavement to get your vehicle into your driveway, then you must, by law, have a crossover constructed.

The London Borough of Bexley only permits the construction of a dropped kerb to be undertaken by its Term Highway Maintenance Contractor.

Before we approve your application for a residential domestic crossover, you'll have to have an inspection by one of our Highways officers to see if it's possible to build it and to confirm the cost for the works.

There's a fee for this inspection which is non-refundable.

Please read the dropped kerb application checklist before you start

The effect on the environment

Hard surfaces increase the risk of flooding and contamination from spillages directly entering drains and polluting local watercourses.

When choosing materials for your driveway, consider using porous or permeable materials such as gravel, crushed stone, bricks or paving that allows water to drain through into the soil below. Installing a soakaway will prevent rainwater run-off and avoid overloading the drainage network, reducing the risk of flooding.

The area of hard standing need only accommodate vehicle tracks and paths, leaving the opportunity to incorporate porous materials and greenery creating a softer appearance.

    Is my garden big enough to park vehicles on

    It is necessary to check the size of the frontage of your property to ensure that a vehicle can be parked without overhanging the pavement.

    It is an offence under the Highways Act 1980 for any part of a vehicle to do so and it is subject to a fine.A hard standing of a minimum size of 2.4 metres wide and 4.8 metres deep must be situated within the property boundaries. If the hard standing requirement is not met, it may be possible to allow a vehicle to park parallel within the property boundaries, the hard standing must be a minimum of 4.8 metres wide and 3 metres deep.

      There is a tree where I want a dropped kerb

      There is a general presumption against the removal of trees to facilitate the construction of dropped kerbs.

      The Council will only approve the construction of a new car crossing that requires the removal of a street tree/s in the following circumstances:

      • immature trees - the  application will be approved if the tree is immature, example planted for less than three years
      • established trees - the application will be approved if the health of the tree is expected to significantly decline within three years
      • a tree will not be removed, regardless of the age or condition of the tree, to facilitate the extension of an existing dropped kerb
      • approval for the extension of a dropped kerb will be refused where the root system of a tree will be extensively damaged through construction work
      • a tree planting pit will not be removed or made unusable to facilitate the extension of a dropped kerb

      There is a lamp column where I want a dropped kerb

      It may be possible to relocate the lamp column, however, there is a cost involved with this.

      Make your application and mark the footway where you wish to have your crossover constructed or extended. The Technician will inspect the site to ensure all criteria are met and will arrange for the Street Lighting team to assess and if practicably possible, provide an estimate for the cost of relocating the column. The cost of this work will be incorporated into the vehicle crossing estimate.

        There is a controlled parking zone (CPZ) parking bay outside my property

        The Technician will inspect the site to ensure all criteria is met to enable a crossing to be constructed/extended. If there is a parking bay within the controlled parking zone which would require removal/adjustment to accommodate the crossing, these bays are covered by a Traffic Management Order (TMO). There is a statutory process that has to be followed to make changes to the TMO. There is a non-refundable fee of £750 towards the cost of changes to the TMO. However, should objections be received to the proposed changes, these are reported to the relevant Cabinet Member. In the event of an objection being upheld then the proposed changes to the bay cannot go ahead and the request for the vehicle crossing cannot be granted.

          There is a utility cover/equipment where I want a dropped kerb

          If all criteria are met to enable a crossing to be constructed/extended but there is utility equipment (manhole, cabinet etc.) within the area, a request will be made for the relevant statutory board to inspect the site and their apparatus and advise if any adjustment is required to their equipment and at what cost.

          In the case of Virgin Media, they require a non-refundable inspection fee of £240 to be paid before they will inspect the site and advise of any additional charges. The application and payment for this inspection can be made through London Borough of Bexley.

          If there is any cost involved with the adjustment of the equipment this will be shown within the vehicle crossing estimate.

            I am disabled and there is a tree where I want a dropped kerb

            The council tries to help people with disabilities and will allow the removal of a street tree/s to provide a dropped kerb.

            To ensure the Council acts fairly and consistently, applications for dropped kerbs close to trees must satisfy all of the following criteria:

            • applicants must hold a Blue Badge, if there is any doubt about eligibility, checks will be made
            • there must be a suitable and safe location for the crossing, which does not obstruct or impede other vehicles
            • the applicant does not have existing off-street parking
            • the Council has refused the provision of a disabled parking bay
            • the applicant must be the driver of the vehicle kept at the applicants' address

            Where the applicant is a passenger, a crossing will be provided if:

            • it is impractical or unsafe for the driver to pick up or set down the passenger by the side of the carriageway, or
            • the driver cannot park on the street within 50 metres of the passenger's property, or
            • they are a registered disabled child, checks may be made


            • the cost of constructing or extending existing dropped kerb is based on the total size of the proposed dropped kerb
            • charges start from £1176 (from 1 April 2019) for a dropped kerb and charges for extensions to existing crossings depend on the area concerned
            • it should be noted that removal of any street furniture (Council or Utility Company-owned), or the need to use traffic management to undertake the work, will attract additional costs

            How long will it take

            • from receipt of the application, normally up to 14 weeks
            • wall/fence/hedge obstructions will need to be removed prior to works where necessary
            • if you have any street furniture outside your property that requires moving/removal, this may delay the process further.

            Planning permission

            If you live in a classified road, a full list of roads can be found in the list below, it is likely that planning permission will be needed before a dropped kerb can be constructed.

            You may also need planning permission if you live in a flat, maisonette, conservation area or if structural work is required to your property to accommodate a vehicle. To find out if you need planning permission email for guidance.

            Classified roads

            The following roads in the London Borough of Bexley are marked as classified.

            Roads A-B

            Road Area
            A2 Bexley
            A20 Sidcup
            Abbey Road Belvedere
            Albion Road Bexleyheath
            Arbuthnot Lane Bexley
            Arnsburg Way Bexleyheath
            Avenue Road Bexleyheath
            Baldwyn's Park Bexley
            Barnehurst Road Bexleyheath
            Bedonwell Road Bexleyheath/Belvedere/Abbey Wood
            Bellegrove Road Welling
            Belmont Road Erith
            Bexley High Street Bexley
            Bexley Lane Sidcup
            Bexley Road Erith
            Blackfen Road Sidcup
            Blendon Road Bexley
            Bourne Road Bexley/Crayford
            Brampton Road Bexleyheath
            Bridge Road Erith
            Bridgen Road Bexley
            Broadway Bexleyheath
            Brook Street Belvedere

            Roads C-E

            Road Area
            Carlton Road Erith
            Central Avenue Welling
            Chapel Road Bexleyheath
            Chester Road Sidcup
            Chislehurst Road Sidcup
            Church Road Sidcup
            Churchfield Road Welling
            Colyers Lane Erith
            Cray Road Sidcup
            Crayford High Street Crayford
            Crayford Road Crayford
            Crayford Way Crayford
            Crittals Corner Roundabout Sidcup
            Crook Log Bexleyheath
            Danson Road Bexleyheath
            Danson Underpass Bexleyheath
            Dartford Road Bexley
            Eastern Way Thamesmead
            Edison Road Welling
            Edgington Way Sidcup
            Elm Road Sidcup
            Erith High Street Erith
            Erith Road Belvedere
            Erith Road Bexleyheath

            Roads F-L

            Road Area
            Faraday Avenue Sidcup
            Footscray High Street Sidcup
            Foots Cray Lane Sidcup
            Foots Cray Road Eltham
            Fraser Road Erith
            Gilbert Road Belvedere
            Gravel Hill Bexleyheath
            Halfway Street Sidcup
            Harrow Manorway Abbey Wood
            Hatherley Crescent Sidcup
            Hook Lane Welling
            Howbury Lane Erith
            Hurst Road Bexley
            Kestlake Road Bexley
            King Harolds Way Bexleyheath
            Knee Hill Abbey Wood
            Knoll Road Sidcup
            Little Heath Road Bexleyheath
            Lodge Lane Bexley
            London Road Crayford
            Long Lane Bexleyheath
            Longlands Road Sidcup
            Lower Road Erith

            Roads M-P

            Road Area
            Maiden Lane Crayford
            Maidstone Road Swanley
            Main Road Sidcup
            Manor Road Crayford
            Mayplace Road East Bexleyheath
            Mayplace Road West Bexleyheath
            Mill Road Erith
            Murchison Avenue Bexley
            North Cray Road Bexley
            North Street Bexleyheath
            Northall Road Barnehurst
            Northend Road Erith
            Nuxley Road Belvedere
            Okehampton Crescent Welling
            Old Road Crayford
            Park View Road Welling
            Parkhill Road Bexley
            Parkside Avenue Bexleyheath
            Penhill Road Bexley
            Perry Street Crayford
            Picardy Manorway Belvedere
            Picardy Road Belvedere
            Picardy Street Belvedere
            Pickford Lane Bexleyheath

            Roads Q-V 

            Road Area
            Queens Road Erith
            Rectory Lane Sidcup
            Roman Way Crayford
            Sherwood Park Ave Sidcup
            Sidcup High Street Sidcup
            Sidcup Hill Sidcup
            Slade Green Road Erith
            South Road Erith
            Southwold Road Bexley
            Station Road Crayford
            Station Road Sidcup
            Thames Road Crayford
            The Green Sidcup
            The Oval Sidcup
            Upper Wickham Lane Welling
            Vicarage Road Bexley

            Roads W-Z

            Road Area
            Watling Street Bexleyheath
            Welling High Street Welling
            Welling Way Welling
            Wellington Avenue Sidcup
            Westwood Lane Welling
            Whitehall Lane Erith
            Wickham Street Welling
            Willersley Avenue Sidcup
            Woolwich Road Abbey Wood/Belvedere
            Woolwich Road Bexleyheath
            Yarnton Way Thamesmead

            Application for an estimate

            If you are interested in having a dropped kerb constructed outside your property, you need to put two marks at the back of the pavement where it meets your property boundary, indicating the location and the width you require.

            Alternatively, if you wish to extend your existing dropped kerb, place a mark indicating which side requires extending and by how much:

            Start new dropped kerb request