Using our parking facilities

RingGo parking app

Paying for parking

The safest and most convenient way to pay for your parking session is through RingGo using your mobile phone and a payment card.

Alternatively, at many locations, there is the option to purchase a pay and display ticket from a nearby machine. Your ticket should be clearly displayed on your dashboard so that the details are visible from outside of the vehicle.

Blue Badge holders can park in car parks and bays for free. Motorcyclists can also use car parks free of charge. 

Reporting a parking problem

To report a machine fault, please use our parking enquiry form.

Payment must be made each time a parking facility is used. If you are unable to purchase a pay and display ticket, you must arrange a parking session through RingGo unless you hold a valid exemption, e.g. Blue Badge. If you park without making payment, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).  

Parking overnight for large vehicles

Coaches and heavy goods vehicles can park overnight (5.30pm to 8.30am, Monday to Sunday) in Nags Head Lane Car Park, Welling or Oaklands Car Park, Bexleyheath for a flat rate. The pay and display charge is £13.60, or you can pay £13.40 through RingGo (including their admin charge) using a UK-registered debit or credit card.

Refunds for parking charges

When using Council operated parking facilities in the borough, you will be expected to pay for parking, unless you hold a valid authorisation. If a pay and display machine is faulty, you can make a cashless payment via RingGo at all on and off-street facilities as shown on nearby signs.

A refund request of £20 or less in connection with faulty Council equipment or a breakdown in service, if authorised, will be processed as a single use one-day car park scratch card(s) equivalent to the minimum of the claim amount. In exceptional circumstances, such a request may be processed as a cheque payment.  

Please note that these procedures do not apply to civil traffic and parking penalties, parking permits, visitor scratch cards or parking dispensations and suspensions, regardless of the claim amount. 

You can apply for a refund by completing a parking enquiry form.

Electric vehicle charging points in Bexley

For details and locations of electric vehicle charging points in and around Bexley, visit Zap-Map.

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RingGo frequently asked questions

What is a RingGo location code and where can I find it?

The RingGo location code is the four or five-digit number shown on signs at on and off-street Council operated parking locations. Each parking location has its own unique location code which is required to arrange a parking session.

When using the RingGo app, the location code may appear in the list of nearby parking locations shown under the search facility, but we recommend checking each time you park that you have selected the correct location code.

What if there is no phone signal?

The current cashless system provided by RingGo has been operational throughout Bexley for several years and there have been very few reports of a poor signal. Cashless sessions are purchased regularly in all parking locations and in Bexley, motorists also have the option to purchase and display a pay and display ticket at most locations.

Do I need a smart phone to use RingGo?

Although the RingGo payment line (020 3046 0060) suggests that you enter your mobile number, you can call with any type of phone including a landline phone.

How do I use RingGo to pay for parking?

A cashless parking session can be purchased in one of the following ways:

  • via the RingGo app on a smartphone
  • by phoning RingGo directly (020 3046 0060) with any type of phone
  • Using the Text to Park service*
  • via in-car devices (smartphone only)

*There are a range of options available through the Text to Park service, including, arranging a parking session, amending a vehicle registration, extending a parking session and requesting help. You will need to be registered with RingGo to use the Text to Park service, but once registered, the service is quick and easy to use. For example, if you wanted to park your preferred vehicle in Thanet Road car park for one hour, you would send a text to 81025. In the message field, simply add ‘RingGo 25961 1h 111’. 25961 represents the RingGo location code, 1h represents 1 hour and the three digit number is the security (CVV) number on the back of your payment card (we’ve used 111 as an example). Further information is available on Text to Park.

Parking sessions can also be booked remotely from a pc, laptop or any other listed device; however, we cannot guarantee parking availability at a specific location. Several vehicles and payment cards/methods can be added to a RingGo account.

I’m a Blue Badge holder, do I need to pay?

Parking for Blue Badge holders continues to be free and unlimited in all council operated pay to park facilities, provided that the Blue Badge is clearly and correctly displayed, and the rules of the Blue Badge scheme are followed. You can find out more about the Blue Badge rules at the Blue Badge scheme.

Can I call the RingGo parking service from a landline?

You can call RingGo on 020 3046 0060 to pay for parking from a landline or mobile phone.

If you call RingGo from a landline, the automated telephone system will ask you to enter your mobile number. If you have a mobile phone, you can enter your registered mobile number and PIN/password to confirm your account and fast-track the process. If you do not know your PIN/password, you can request an email reminder using RingGo’s online PIN/password recovery tool.

If you do not have a mobile phone, you can enter the landline number you are calling from (if it has not already been recognised). The system will then continue as normal asking for your details such as vehicle registration, location code and payment card information, in order to park. Landline numbers can also be registered online or on the free RingGo smartphone apps.

Convenience fee information

RingGo is a cashless parking service which allows users to pay parking charges either by phone, text, web, in-car device or app. In some cases, parking operators may take a commercial decision to charge users fees for using the RingGo service, rather than assimilate the fees themselves. These fees are collected through the RingGo service as convenience charges. The position of both RingGo and the Authority is that the convenience fees are not prohibited surcharges under the Surcharge Regulations explained below.

Guidance on the Surcharge Regulations was issued by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in June 2018 (the BEIS Guidance). This describes surcharging as the practice of merchants / retailers, charging a fee for using a particular payment instrument, e.g. credit card, debit card or e-money account. Further, the BEIS Guidance also provides that for most retail payments, the Surcharge Regulations ban merchants from charging a fee in addition to the advertised price of a transaction based on a consumer’s choice of payment instrument (for example, credit card, debit card or e-money). The guidance makes clear that the intention of the Surcharge Regulations is to prevent charges being applied based on a consumer’s choice of payment instrument.

The RingGo service offers users the option to pay via credit or debit card. The convenience fee is a flat fee regardless of which of these payment instruments is selected. Accordingly, the convenience fee is not charged on the basis of the specific means of payment.

Can I use a telephone number from outside of the UK to book parking?

You can register for a RingGo account using a telephone number from outside of the UK, but you will need to add the country’s dialling code at the start of the number (e.g. an American number would start with +1). A verification code will then be sent to you as a text message.

Please note, if you are using a foreign device, you will not be able to download the RingGo app, as it is not supported by international app stores. You can still use RingGo's mobile website or the automated telephone line on 0203 046 0060 to book parking.

The automated service did not recognise the location code

This may be due to an issue with interpretation. We suggest trying again or purchasing and displaying a pay and display ticket, as you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you use a pay to park facility without making payment. If you pay by RingGo, you should ensure your parking session has been arranged correctly and your payment is successful before leaving your vehicle, as you cannot pay after the event.

Refunds for parking charges

When using Council operated parking facilities in the borough, you will be expected to pay for parking, unless you hold a valid authorisation/exemption.

Parking charges for all on and off-street facilities can be paid through RingGo and you can find the relevant zone code displayed on signs at each location. Alternatively, a pay and display ticket can be purchased from a nearby machine which should be displayed correctly within the vehicle.

A refund request in connection with a service fault or other error, if authorised, will be processed and arrangements made for the refund to be credited directly to the account from which the payment was originally made.

Please note that this refund process does not apply to civil traffic and parking penalties, parking permits, visitor scratch cards or parking dispensations and suspensions, regardless of the claim amount.

If you think a service fault or error has occurred, you can apply for a refund of the payment made to park in a Council operated parking facility by completing a make a parking enquiry online form.

I get an error message when I call to arrange a RingGo session

Occasionally, in circumstances where a RingGo account has not been used for several months or years, the account may be locked by RingGo due to inactivity. This security feature will prevent unauthorised access to personal information, but motorists are advised to contact parking to get the account unlocked.