Allotment requests

Allotments waiting list

Due to the increased demand for allotment gardening, waiting lists for many allotments are still very lengthy.

If you have registered on one of our allotment waiting lists, please do not contact us, as we will be unable to tell you where you are on the waiting list or how long you may wait. We will contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

The waiting list policy allocates plots in priority order of:

  • borough residents who do not currently have an allotment plot
  • borough residents who have half a plot but would like an additional plot
  • borough residents who already have two half plots and want a third half plot

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Allotment charges

Allotment charges from 1 October 2024 to 30 September 2025:

Size (m2)Borough resident annual full price (£0.49p/m2)Borough resident annual concession price (£0.25p/m2)
Size (m2)Non-borough resident annual full price (£0.58p/m2)Non-borough resident annual concession price (£0.29p/m2)

Allotment rents will be charged at the full rate between 1 October to 30 June. Rents will be charged pro-rata from 1 July to 30 September.

Key deposit charges

£50 refundable deposit for both Borough and non-Borough residents. Please contact the Allotment Help Desk at if you have difficulty finding the refundable deposit.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent an allotment site?

The exact price depends on the site and the size of the plot. A 125m2 plot costs £55 (£27.50 concession), and a 250m2 plot costs £110 (£55 concession).

How big is a plot?

London Borough of Bexley allotments consist of either half plots (125m2) or full plots (250m2).

Do your allotments have water available?

All sites have a water supply however they may be turned off over winter if temperature drops prohibit safe usage.

Can I apply for an allotment owned by the London Borough of Bexley if I don't live in the borough?

We currently have long waiting lists. We do not accept applications from or offer plots to people who do not live in the borough.

I live outside the borough but am on the waiting list, will I be removed?

If you are already on the allotments waiting list, you will not be removed from it, even if you live outside the borough.

Can I rent my allotment for as long as I like?

Currently, our policy allows allotment holders to keep their plots for as long as they wish to. However, you are a tenant only - you cannot pass the plot on to anyone else.

If you do not maintain your plot in line with your agreement, we may ask you to give it up so that others on the waiting list can use and enjoy it.

Can I apply for an allotment outside of the borough?

Other boroughs are generally experiencing a lot of demand but sometimes have availability. Contact them directly for further information.

I already have an allotment in the borough, can I apply for another one?

Yes, you are allowed one and a half plots per household.