Beekeeping on allotments

Being a beekeeper is not only hugely beneficial for the environment as the bees pollinate plants, fruit, vegetables and trees, but also any stresses and anxieties you may have are relieved while nurturing your colony.

If you are thinking of keeping hives on your allotment plot, please consider the following before making an application:

  • applications will only be considered if a plot has been cultivated to the required standards as set out in the Allotment Tenancy Agreement. Plots will be inspected to ensure that this is the case prior to any Beekeeping Agreement being signed by the Council
  • you must have undertaken beekeeper training with a recognised Beekeeping Association (e.g. British Beekeeper’s Association) and provide evidence of this
  • you must provide evidence of public liability insurance to cover any incidents (usually obtained from the registered Beekeeping Association)
  • no more than 2 full-sized hives and 1 nucleus (a smaller start-up hive) are permitted per tenant
  • hives must be screened to encourage satisfactory flight paths, inspected weekly during the season and effective measures taken to minimise swarming
  • you must have a standby beekeeper available to attend the site if you are away on holiday or are unable to attend for any period of time

During the application process, you will be required to consult your fellow plot holders and answer any questions or concerns they may have. This should be done by prominently displaying a notice on your plot for a period of 28 days during the growing season or 56 days outside of the growing season and speaking directly with your neighbouring plot holders. If there are any objections, you will hopefully easily be able to resolve them. However, we will try and help you settle any remaining issues amicably prior to an application being approved.

If you are prepared to meet all the above requirements, please submit your application, which will include providing a plan detailing the positioning of your hives and screening on your plot.

Apply to keep bees on allotment site