Keeping hens on allotments

Hen keeping at an allotment site is solely for the provision of eggs for the tenant and their family.

Please consider the following before making an application for hen keeping:

  • applications will only be considered if a plot has been cultivated to the required standards as set out in the Allotment Tenancy Agreement. Plots will be inspected to ensure that this is the case prior to any Hen Keeping Agreement being signed by the Council
  • the maximum number of hens permitted per household (not per tenant or plot) is 9. You are not permitted to keep cockerels
  • due to our cultivation rules, the minimum practical plot size for hen keeping is 125m2 (an average half plot). We may allow you to keep hens on a smaller plot depending on the numbers involved
  • hens must be kept in an adequately sized, clean, fully enclosed and predator-proof henhouse with an outdoor run
  • hens must be provided with enough feeders and water drinkers to prevent distress or fighting amongst themselves. There is not always available fresh water from the site, so this may include transporting water from home
  • you must have a standby hen keeper available to attend the site if you are on holiday or unable to do so for any length of time

You may wish to visit Keeping Chickens As Pets - RSPCA for some basic information regarding keeping chickens before making a decision.

If you are prepared to meet all the above requirements, please submit your applicationĀ and upload a layout plan detailing where the coop, hen house and run will be positioned on your plot.

Apply to keep hens on allotment site