Applying for school in-year

You’ll usually apply for a school place when your child starts primary school or secondary school (or transfers to year 3, if they’re at an infant school). The rest of the time, we call it an ‘in-year’ application.

That includes:

  • if you’re moving to Bexley in the middle of any school year
  • if you’re moving to Bexley for the start of a school year that isn’t reception or year 7
  • if you’re moving to a different part of Bexley and want a school place near you
  • if your child needs to move schools in Bexley for another reason

What's different about in-year applications?

The way you apply and the priorities we or the schools use to decide places are the same. But the number of available places is much lower.

We’re one of the best boroughs in London at offering your first or second choice place when you apply at the beginning of primary or secondary school. At other times, there are far fewer options. And for pupils transferring into a Bexley secondary in year 10 or 11, there’s very little chance they’ll be able to choose what they study. 

If you need help to decide whether to apply, email us at


You can apply by filling in the primary or secondary application form, depending on your child’s age.

In-year primary school application form

In-year secondary school application form

Many schools in Bexley are full and so it may not always be possible to secure a place immediately or in the school of your choice. In-year applications including more than one child or for places in Years 6, 10 or 11, can make securing a place more difficult.