Starting primary school

Admission to reception in September 2024

Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 will be due to start in Reception in September 2024. The application period will be open on Friday 1 September 2023 and the closing date is Monday 15 January 2024.

Most people apply online, as they find it quick and easy.

Apply for a primary school

  • offers of places to on-time applicants will be made on Tuesday 16 April 2024
  • if your child was not offered a place at a Community and Voluntary Controlled School, you can find details on how to appeal

Information regarding the schools available in Bexley together with full details on the application process can be found on Admission to Primary Schools 2024 to 2025.

Some schools require the completion of a supplementary form. Please check that you have completed one where required, and that it is returned to the school directly.

List of schools

SchoolTelephone Number
Barnehurst Infant School01322 334401
Barnehurst Junior School01322 334214
Barrington Primary School020 8304 0242
Bedonwell Infant School020 8310 4161
Bedonwell Junior School020 8310 4174
Belmont Academy01322 432057
Belvedere Infant School020 8311 9092
Belvedere Junior School01322 431404
Bishop Ridley CE Primary School020 8303 4461
Brampton Primary Academy020 8303 2873
Burnt Oak Junior School020 8300 5854
Bursted Wood Primary School020 8304 9960
Castilion Primary School020 8311 5177
Chatsworth Infant School020 8300 9295
Christ Church Erith CE Primary School01322 333780
Days Lane Primary School020 8300 1697
Eastcote Primary Academy020 8856 1346
East Wickham Primary Academy020 8854 0698
Gravel Hill Primary School01322 521343
Haberdashers’ Crayford Temple Grove01322 402186
Haberdashers’ Slade Green Temple Grove01322 402188
Harris Garrard Academy (Primary Section)020 8320 4840
Hillsgrove Primary School020 8303 4949
Holy Trinity CE Primary School020 8300 3613
Hook Lane Primary School020 8303 3839
Hope Community School020 3223 2000
Hurst Primary School020 8303 2688
Jubilee Primary School020 8310 2933
Lessness Heath Primary School01322 433290
Lime Wood Primary School01322 334638
Mayplace Primary School01322 523256
Fairford Academy Barnehurst01322 333998
Northumberland Heath Primary School01322 334638
Northwood Primary School020 8310 2722
Old Bexley CE Primary School01322 527 981
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School020 8850 4470
Peareswood Primary School01322 332379
Pelham Primary School020 8303 6556
Royal Park Primary School020 8300 7646
St Augustine020 8311 2956
St Fidelis RC Primary School01322 337752
St John Fisher RC Primary School020 8310 7311
St Joseph’s RC Primary School01322 524162
St Michael’s CE Primary School020 8303 3287
St Paul’s (Slade Green) Primary School01322 334689
St Paulinus CE Primary School01322 523236
St Peter Chanel RC Primary School020 8302 6029
St Stephen’s RC Primary School020 8303 9738
St Thomas More RC Primary School020 8303 8322
Sherwood Park Primary School020 8303 6300
Upland Primary School020 8303 2175
Willow Bank Primary School020 8320 1900

Terms & Conditions

All applications for a school place within the London Borough of Bexley are made in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • The application form has been completed having taken into consideration all of the guidance outlined within the Admission to Primary Schools 2024 to 2025, including the reference to the General Data Protection Regulations, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the London borough of Bexley Education Services and Inclusion Privacy Notice.
  • That you are confirming that the application is for the schools listed in Section 7 of the application form and which have been listed in order of my/our preference.
  • That you have parental responsibility for the child named in Section 1 and that the information given is true to the best of your knowledge and belief.
  • That you understand that checks may be made against Council records to verify that the details given on this form are correct and that you understand that you may be asked to provide further documentary evidence if the details do not match Council records.
  • That you understand that you must advise the School Admissions Team of any change in your address or family circumstances after submission of this application.
  • That you understand that any false or deliberately misleading information given on this form and/or supporting papers, or any relevant information withheld, may render this application invalid and could lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a primary school place for your child.
  • That if you have included a faith (Church) school in your preferences that you have also completed the school’s Supplementary Information Form and returned it to the school.
  • That this is the only form that you have completed.

All other primary schools in Bexley are community schools or voluntary controlled schools and enquiries should be made to the School Admissions Team.

Enquires about schools in other boroughs should be made to the school or relevant local authority.



We know you’ll have lots of questions about applying for schools. We’ve answered the main ones on the next few pages and covered the rest on our Admission to Primary Schools 2024 to 2025.

Admission to Primary Schools 2024 to 2025