Adult Social Care in Bexley

Working in adult social care in Bexley is endlessly rewarding.

Our approach is strengths-based, community-focussed and collaborative. Supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our borough is at the heart of our work; to ensure this we invest in you and your career.

Part of that is offering excellent benefits, from competitive salaries and generous leave to flexible working, learning and professional development opportunities and a wealth of health and wellness programmes.

Working with adults

Since 2017, we’ve brought together health and social care teams for adults under Bexley Care. That means, together we can get to know each person, their strengths and their needs, take an integrated approach to support and be flexible with budgets to design care around them, ensuring our residents enjoy the best quality of life.

We believe:

  • we should empower adults to live independently, building on what they can do for themselves
  • it’s crucial to get in early and prevent problems when we can
  • we can do more, better when we collaborate with partners across health and social care
  • we should offer choice so adults and family carers can make their own decisions
  • we do our best work when we consult with people, carers, GPs, other NHS professionals and third sector organisations

Our offer to you

Learning and Development and Continuing Professional Learning within Adult Social Care is the golden thread in delivering sound, professional services.

Through our Professional Standards Academy, led by the Principal Social Worker, we believe we provide a sound framework of opportunities that enables our staff to begin, flourish and excel. We provide a blended learning approach to ensure staff deliver mandatory and core activities, supported with sound knowledge and skills, we invest in staff supervision, mentoring and coaching and we offer role specific professional development and career development opportunities in line with current service priorities.

Quality assurance of practice ensures our confidence in staff delivering excellence in their work with Bexley residents.


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