Carbon emissions in Bexley

What does the data tell us about carbon emissions in Bexley?

These are the activities in Bexley with the highest carbon emissions






Industry and commercial


Public sector


Bexley’s largest source of CO2 emissions is from heating our homes. Each and every one of us need to make changes to reduce our borough’s emissions. If each of us make small changes, collectively we can make a significant difference.

How changing behaviour can reduce carbon emissions

Household activities account for around two-thirds of global greenhouse gases. Experts, including researchers at University of Leeds, screened nearly 7,000 studies from across the globe to develop a list of the most effective changes to household consumption to cut carbon footprints.

The study found that the best ways for households to reduce carbon include:

Living car free

2.04 tonnes of CO2

saved per person annually

Electric cars

1.95 tonnes of CO2

saved per person annually

Fewer flights

1.68 tonnes of CO2

saved per person annually

Good refurbishment

0.895 tonnes of CO2

can be saved, for example insulating your home well

Vegan diet

0.8 tonnes of CO2

can be saved, but generally eating less meat will reduce emissions

Going green

0.01 tonnes of CO2

can be saved if you use less and recycle more