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Climate change can seem overwhelming, but everyone can make small changes that will make a big difference for our planet.

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Individuals are really powerful in reducing carbon and in changing how we all think and feel about our environment. 

The changes we can all make will help tackle climate change, but many of them will also save money, improve our health and well-being and keep Bexley a nice place to live.

Reducing your carbon footprint is the best thing you can do. Here are some of the ways you can make small changes and reduce your carbon footprint.

Celebrate, Promote and Protect our Natural Environment

One of the ways we can help tackle climate change is by looking after the green spaces we have already.

This might be:

  • having real grass in our gardens, making our air cleaner, reducing the risk of flooding and contributing to a vibrant eco-system in which trees and habitats can thrives
  • shopping local, buying seasonal and eating less meat. Plant-based diets are healthier and better for the environment
  • try growing more of your own fruit and veg - a garden, an allotment or a windowsill! And composting is great too.
  • help to keep local parks tidy and litter free.
  • walk, cycle and use public transport - save the car for longer journeys.
  • fit solar panels, if you can.
  • turn your thermostat down, insulate your loft, and switch things off you’re not using.
  • when you need a new or replacement heating system, try shopping for a green option.

Check out some more ideas below:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are committed to building on our success in reducing household waste and improving recycling in Bexley.

You can help by:

  • recycling your home waste
  • buying unpackaged fruit and veg
  • reducing food waste by trying not to buy too many groceries and taking note of ‘use-by’ dates on fresh foods (rather than ‘best-before’ dates) before throwing food away. Try to compost what you can
  • using community marketplaces to find a new home for unwanted goods (which could also help raise some extra money)
  • avoiding buying products in unnecessary plastic packaging whenever possible
  • getting refill-size shampoos, washing up liquids, etc that you can decant into smaller bottles to save plastic and money
  • recycle, swap clothes, go vintage, and buy less

Further information on reducing food waste is available from the Small change, big difference website.

TRAID logo

We have partnered with clothing reuse charity TRAID, to offer residents a free home collection scheme, which you can use to donate clothes, shoes, or accessories you no longer wear.

Book a collection from TRAID

Enabling a greener economy

Jobs and businesses that increase sustainability and reduce emissions are known as the green economy.

We recognise the significant growth opportunities that the green economy could bring for our local businesses and residents. Opportunities such as low-carbon energy and electric vehicles, the need to retrofit buildings with insulation and low-carbon heating and the digital workplace.

All local businesses in Bexley can be greener, businesses can:

  • use ‘green’ energy suppliers and sources
  • review how green you are and what changes you could make such as insulating your buildings, using LED lights
  • maximise opportunities from Government schemes such as the UK Business Climate Hub to learn how sustainability can be good for small businesses
  • retraining to work in emerging green industries or adding to your skills base to continue to work in your job in the future.

Check out some more ideas below:

To keep an open mind and to go further when we can

As green industries and technologies continue to develop, it will become easier and cheaper for us to live carbon-free lives. It could mean choosing an electric or hybrid car when buying a car. Or choosing to opt for a greener heating choice when the boiler breaks down.

We think that is important for all of us to keep an open mind when making future decisions, and if it is feasible, to make decisions that help make Bexley a greener and healthier borough.

Let us know what small changes you are making and other tips and ideas by emailing