The poll card delivered to you before polling day will set out the details of where you need to go to vote, and will also include a map.

Current polling station maps are available as PDFs below. 

To check if you are registered to vote and where you need to go to vote, contact (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday):

The hours of poll at all elections are from 7am to 10pm. All polling stations are open throughout this period.

The London Borough of Bexley is keen to ensure that voting is accessible to everybody in the borough. Our Electoral Services team is happy to help you with your accessibility needs.

Voters with sensory disabilities

Tactile voting devices and large print versions of ballot papers will be available at polling stations.

You can also take a companion with you to assist you or ask the staff at your polling station for any help that you might need.

Voters with learning disabilities

Our polling staff will have the Makaton Charity 'Guide to voting' available.