Danson Lake is home to a great range of coarse fish, including large Carp, Dace, Perch Roach, Rudd, and Tench.

We offer fishing day permits from the Centre for people who have a rod licence.

As well as bank fishing, there are several platforms available that are also suitable for disabled users and give full access to the water's edge.

Fishing Rules and Regulations

  • the ticket holder must possess a current rod licence of the Thames Water Authority
  • fishing to be permitted during park opening hours, with a closed season from 15 March to 16 June
  • anglers may not under any circumstances cast past the boundary line marked in the water on the south side of the lake with orange marks
  • fishing is only permitted on the south bank nearest the A2 from the island to the Dam. Fishing is prohibited from all other banks including boats
  • anglers must appreciate that members of the public, dogs and boats have a right of access to the lake edge
  • all fish taken must be forthwith returned to the water with as little damage as possible. The ticket holder must show his catch on demand to any water bailiff or any other duly authorised agent or servant of The Thames Water Authority.
  • anglers may not, except with the previous written approval of the council, organise or encourage any fishing competition at Danson Park Lake.
  • the Council reserve to themselves the absolute right to withdraw a ticket by any reason of failure to observe any of these regulations or conditions, or by reason of misconduct whilst visiting Danson Park.
  • the Council reserve the right to refuse to issue a ticket to anyone applying for the same without assigning any reason for such refusal.
  • misuse of catapults will not be tolerated.
  • wading, paddling or swimming is not permitted at any time in Danson Park Lake

Please contact the centre for further enquires.

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